Monday, March 6, 2023

March Happenings

March definitely came in like a lion... We had our third ice storm on Friday, March 3rd, but we were better prepared for it this time, and thankfully it wasn't as bad as February's.  Our power went out twice, but came back on momentarily.  No long-term power shortage this time, but just in case I got out my mom's antique oil lamp which provided much nicer atmosphere than flashlights.

On Friday night I thought for sure The Whitney would be closed on Saturday for Mansion Tea, but to my surprise, the temps rose above freezing and by the time I left for work at 11:00 a.m. much of the ice/snow mixture had melted and the roads were clear.  Our count was down from the reservations, but 66 guests still came.  Bad weather can't keep tea lovers home!

In 2016 I said goodbye to my flip-top phone and got a new Apple 7 Plus.  It was a learning curve and seven years later I still didn't know everything it was capable of doing.

Time marches on, and seven years is a long time in technology and upgrading.  Our old iPhones needed to be traded in for new ones.  My hubby and I are in the midst of planning a trip and we wanted new phones for it - my hubby's old phone was definitely on its last leg.  We spent three hours at the Apple store last Friday listening to the representative's recommendations and settled on the iPhone 13 [his recommendation for us].  This time we're going to take the class that Apple offers.

iPhone 7 was the last phone Apple made with a metal case.  Why?? They're glass now, which is much easier to shatter when dropped.  Aside from getting the insurance Apple offered, I ordered a wallet case for my phone.   It will also protect it from getting scratched in my purse. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I've been coordinating a tea party since the end of January.  I blogged about the caterer on January 27th.  She took the month of February off, so I scheduled the tea party for March 7th. The time has swiftly passed and tomorrow's the day!  There will be 16 ladies [including me].  I spent last night putting together a small edible favor for the ladies.

I belong to a Facebook group - Christian Tea Time &  Hospitality, and three ladies from that group will be attending.  I've never met two of them so I'm looking forward to new face-to-face friendships instead of online/vertual.  Six attendees are relatives and the rest are good friends. I'll be sure to blog about the tea, so be watching for it.


  1. Can't wait to see about the tea and all your creative ideas!

  2. Congratulations on the new phone!


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