Sunday, August 13, 2023

Julia Child Exhibit at Henry Ford Museum

This past Thursday I went to The Henry Ford Museum to see Julia Child's traveling exhibit, and it didn't disappoint.  My Senior ticket was $31.50 plus $9 for parking.  I didn't remember them charging for parking before, but it's been awhile since I've been there. 

I've done three Julia Child presentations, have four of her books [non-cookbooks], some DVD's, and in 2012 I was lucky enough to find her cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1 at an Ohio flea market very reasonably priced [and have used it several times].  I saw her childhood Pasadena home during a 2019 visit to California, and during a 2016 visit to Washington D.C., I went to the Food Exhibition at the Smithsonian that featured her Cambridge, MA kitchen which she donated to the museum.  So this exhibit so close to home was a must.

I took 199 photos, so that gives you an idea how detailed the exhibit was.  It began with her childhood and young adult years and contained many photos.   As long as a flash wasn't used, photography was permitted.  If you're local and plan to go to the exhibit before it closes on September 10th, allow at least two hours to see and read everything.

~ Signage inside the museum ~

Julia as a teenager, 1920's - she liked a pearl necklace even back then!

~ As a Smith College Girl ~

~ OSS [Office of Strategic Services] photo ~

~ Shopping at a market in Paris ~

~ Copy of her diploma from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris ~

One part of the exhibit focused on her famous cookbook which she wrote with Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  A museum staffer took my picture standing in front of a large replica of the book.

Julia's typewriter that she typed all of her recipes, book manuscripts and correspondence on.

Julia hard at work in her office.

Kitchen set at WGBH where Julia became a household name and star of The French Chef television show.

Paul Child designed in great detail Julia's Cambridge kitchen.  There was a place for everything and everything in its place!  Julia loved kitchen gadgets.

Reconstructed kitchen at the Smithsonian.

~ Julia on the 1996 cover of TV Guide ~

~ Julia on 2014 US Postage Stamp ~

2003 photo of Julia.  She passed away in 2004 two days before her 92nd birthday in Montecito, CA.  I like the teacup sitting on the table in the photo because Julia was a tea drinker.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of the exhibit.  When it leaves here it will go to Omaha, Nebraska, then to Richmond Virginia and back to Jackson, MI in 2025.  It's well worth the time and entry fee.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023


We're eight days into August and I'm just now writing my first post of the month.  Summer is  passing quickly. 

If you haven't gone on vacation yet, I wanted to share a 5-pc. packing cube set I recently purchased on Amazon by Travel Wise.  They come in six colors, and I ordered silver. The set consists of 2 small cases, 2 medium cases and 1 large case.  They're currently on sale for $24.74.  

I'll be doing some traveling shortly and I like how organized these cubes will keep my suitcase,  especially when airport TSA workers go through it.  

I've been busy organizing a tea for the ladies and friends at my church.  It will be held on September 16th.  Sign-up is well underway, and I recently received a check in the mail for reservations that was tucked inside this beautiful handmade card.   What amazing creativity!

Things continue to be busy at The Whitney.  Tea was served to 122 guests last Saturday and they were anticipating 100 on Sunday.

It's always nice when someone I know comes for tea, and last Saturday Lois [who I met through a girlfriend], came with a group of 48 ladies.  They practically filled the music room.  Two of David Whitney's daughters were accomplished pianists so this room was dedicated to them. As many times as I've been in that room, I never knew until last Saturday that the ceiling moulding was cut to look like piano keys.  It was so busy I didn't get a chance to take a close-up picture of it, but I will soon.

Lois and me in the Great Hall.

While I was missing from my blog, I was busy making two new Shutterfly Albums from my 2015 trip to England with my daughter.  I can never resist an unlimited pages coupon when it comes in the mail.  That's a glare/reflection in the lower right corner. The cover isn't actually rippled.

I hope you're enjoying August.  Did you know the month was named for Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar [63 B.C. - A.D. 14]?  One of his famous quotes is "If you want a rainbow, you have to deal with the rain."

If you're enjoying the blessings of good health, don't take it for granted.  Remember to thank the Good Lord for it.  An active, vibrant lady, younger than me, went to the hospital a few days ago for one condition that has morphed into a probable cancer diagnosis.  She has a committed relationship with the Lord, but the news is devastating none-the-less. Life is fragil - handle with prayer.