Thursday, January 25, 2024

Talbots Tea-themed Clothing

This post will be short and sweet.  Yesterday I received my Talbots catalog in the mail and was happy to see some tea-themed clothing.  Talbots clothing designers must be tea lovers because they're the only women's clothing store I'm aware of that consistently offers tea-themed garments.

I don't get paid for advertising on my blog, so there's nothing in this post for me except the joy of sharing beautiful, well-made, tea-themed garments.  I love Talbots, and these new spring items in their "Pottery Floral" line are on my agenda to purchase.  To see the teacups better, click on the photo to enlarge it.

Cardigan - $99.50 [Misses, Petite and Plus]
It's on sale right now for 25% off [Code:LOVE]  

 Poplin Top - $89.50

Oblong Scarf - $59.50

Aren't they lovely?  If you don't have a Talbots store near you, online ordering is available.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Keeping in Touch

Not a lot has been happening to blog about during Michigan's cold wintry days, but there's a few things to share...

Awhile back, I joined a Facebook Charcuterie group and last week one of the members posted a picture of Walmart's cute wooden, heart-shaped charcuterie boards for $5 each.  That's an unheard of bargain for a food-safe board, and I thought they'd even make nice chargers for a heart-shaped plate.  The lady who posted lives in St. Johns, MI - 108 miles away, but we have eight Walmarts in my area so the hunt began - to no avail!  I only drove to six of the eight stores and gave up on the two that were farthest away [which is probably the stores that had them!].  

My girlfriend who lives in Woodhaven [37 miles away] went to the Walmart near her and was able to purchase one for me.

Do you enjoy serving food charcuterie style?  Below is a picture of a simple heart-shaped charcuterie I made in a candy container last year.  Charcuterie allows you to be so creative. I enjoy looking through my charcuterie books, watching YouTube videos, and the Facebook pictures are incredible.  I haven't tried looking on Pinterest, but there's probably great photos there too.

While I was standing in the check-out line at Walmart I noticed a tea magazine.  I picked it up to glance through it and it looked good, but it was $14.98 and I'm sure all the information is in books I already own, so I returned it to the rack.  It might, however, be something you're interested in if you're a Walmart shopper.

The focus is on Valentine's Day right now, February 14th, but there's another celebration the day before, Mardi Gras.  I'm seeing Paczki displays in the supermarkets already.  I also belong to a Tablescaping Facebook group, and I love seeing their Mardi Gras tablescapes.  One lady posted these cute napkin rings she bought on Amazon.

I've never done a Mardi Gras themed tea or tablescape, but I think it would be great fun.  I did make a King Cake one year that turned out pretty good.  New Orleans style Mardi Gras food is so yummy!  Have you ever hosted a Mardi Gras tea or dinner?

Last Saturday was a busy day at The Whitney.  We served 88 guests for Mansion Tea, which is pretty good for our cold weather.  A group of 15 came for a birthday party, and one of the servers took a picture of the cake decorated with a 'tea-for-one' on top and sent it to me.

I got my first [of two] Shingles shots yesterday afternoon and suffice it to say this has not been one of my best days.  I keep reminding myself that the reaction from the shot is mild compared to getting the Shingles, and when a body reacts to an injection it's the sign of a healtlhy and strong immune system but that's not much consolation when you ache as though you collided with a moving vehicle.  I'm off to lay down for a bit before it's time to fix dinner. Stuffed cabbage soup is on the menu - a new recipe I'm trying.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

A Recipe and a New Detroit Restaurant

It's warmed up a bit in southeastern Michigan.  As I type it's 24 degrees with an expected high of 27 with more snow today and tomorrow.  I took the picture below from my bedroom window this morning.  The footprints are the mailman's.  

It's easy to sleep-in on these cold, wintry mornings and I didn't get up until 8:30.  I got detained with chores so my breakfast was late this morning... normally it's oatmeal, but today I felt like a blueberry smoothie with Harney & Son's blueberry green tea.

Like most people at the onset of a new year, I resolved to eat healthier in 2024.  18 days into the new year I've stuck to my resolution very well [even though two and a half weeks is short and not much of an accomplishment! ;-)]. I made a recipe for creamy cauliflower soup from Eating Well Magazine last night for dinner. It was yummy and even my hubby who isn't a cauliflower fan, liked it.  It's so simple.  I separated a head of cauliflower in florets and roasted them in a 400 degree oven until tender.  Then pureed them in a blender with chicken stock.  What makes the soup creamy and thick is adding a can of pureed white beans.  [I also added a drained can of whole white beans for texture]. Seasonings are white pepper, ground thyme and sage.  I sprinkled grated Parmesan Cheese on the top of each bowl for additional flavor.

I wish I would have taken pictures while I was making and serving it, but I didn't so I'll have to share Eating Well's magazine photo.  It's a perfect soup for winter.

FYI - Cauliflower is known as a nutrition superstar.  It's high in vitamins C and K and a good source of folate.  It's low in sodium and is fat-free and cholesterol-free.  It's also low in calories and contains dietary fiber.  What's not to like!!!

Moving on to another subject...  Last February I spent the day downtown Detroit with my hubby and son for my birthday, and one of the places we visited was the David Whitney Building.  I wanted to see it since I work at The Whitney mansion [turned restaurant].  I wrote a blog post about it.  The land on which the building was built was owned by David Whitney, Jr. but he passed in 1900 and the David Whitney Building wasn't built until 1914 and opened in January 1915.  David Charles Whitney had the building built as a monument to his father.  The 19-story building was the skyscraper of its time.

Yesterday, while sitting in a medical building examining room for over an hour waiting for my doctor to come in [Grrr... why do they overbook???], I tried to pass the time on my iPhone and accidentally discovered that a new restaurant is opening in the David Whitney Building on January 24th.  It's called Presleys.  [I have no idea how that name was determined but I'll try my best to find out!]  I definitely want to go there and will be sure to blog about it.  Below is an artist's rendering of the exterior, located at the corner of Park and Woodward Avenue.  The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Martin Luther King Day

Today is definitely a tea drinking day in Michigan.  The Weather Channel says it's currently 2 degrees but feels like -15 degrees.  The sun is shining though so it's a good day!

~ In Memory ~

 Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968
Deceased 56 years

Friday, January 12, 2024

National Hot Tea Day

Good Morning!  It's National Hot Tea Day!  I was expecting to see lots of snow when I lifted the bedroom window shade this morning because 1-4 inches has been forecasted for our area, and more on the western side of the state.  There's nothing yet, but the day is just starting. Whether there's snow or not, it's a good day for hot tea.  What's in your cup?  I'm drinking Harney & Sons Blueberry Green Tea.

My daughter-in-law, Samantha, sent the picture below of granddaughter Ellie this morning with her freshly made snowman.  It's a school snow day over in Zeeland, MI where they're predicting anywhere from 8 to 18 inches of snowfall.  Yikes!

It's been a couple of somber days for me.  On Monday one of my high school classmates passed away.  He was the husband of one of the high school gals [Peggy] I have lunch with once a month [when I'm able to make the drive to join them].  Before his passing we were scheduled to have lunch together this past Wednesday, but instead we all went to Peggy's house to spend some time with her [at her request].  Yesterday was Ron's viewing and funeral service.  He was a Vietnam War Veteran serving in the U.S. Army, so the Wyandotte VFW provided a military honors ceremony before the Catholic priest officiated the service.

Below is Peggy to the left of me and Ron standing behind me, with another classmate on the right at our 45th class reunion in 2010.

Ron standing in the middle of us hamming it up.

Our 50th reunion in 2015.  Sadly all three ladies seated have lost their husbands since this photo was taken.  [Peggy is seated on the right]

Over the last few weeks I've had the sobering reminder that there's an appointed time when every mortal person will die and pass into eternity.  Ron is the fourth death in my circle of friends and family to die recently [a paternal uncle died the same day as Ron].  It's SO IMPORTANT our names have been entered into the Book of Life by salvation through Jesus Christ, so we can spend eternity in Heaven. [Revelation 20:11-15].  Confessing our sins to Jesus [our High Priest], seeking His forgiveness, and living a life acceptable and pleasing to Him is the greatest and most important decision we will ever make.  Where we spend eternity depends on it.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024


The adjective "peachy" means something is nice or good.  Pantone's 2024 Color of the year is Peach Fuzz.

The Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute said the color is to capture the desire to nurture one's self as well as others.

I don't have any peach colored garments in my wardrobe or in my home decor.  Do you?  

I couldn't resist searching for peach colored teapots online.  Etsy has a cute peach teapot identical to one we have at The Whitney, but seldom use.   

Some days aren't always "peachy", but I heard a quote this morning that is worth sharing and definitely worth remembering as every new day begins:  "Each day dawns blank - a sheet of paper waiting for our story.  We start to create it the moment that we wake."

Saturday, January 6, 2024

2023 in Review Part II

~ July ~

Tea Luncheon for Three

 ~ August ~

Julia Child Exhibit at Henry Ford Museum

~ September ~

Leaving New York City on the Queen Mary 2 voyage to England

Afternoon Tea on the Queen Mary 2

Tea Sandwiches

Grand Lobby Staircase

~ October ~

Tea at Ladur√©es in Covent Garden, London, England

Westminster Abbey

Eiffel Tower at Night, Paris, France

Riverboat Dinner Cruise on the Seine River, Paris

~ November ~

High School Girls from Church and their Etiquette Coach come to The Whitney for Mansion Tea.

~ December ~

Church Cookie Swap  [Hungry Yet???]

The Whitney Christmas Tea - Reading 'A Cup of Christmas Tea'

Jerry and Me on Christmas Eve

2023 Red and Green Christmas Tree at our home

Now new activities and memories begin for 2024...

Thursday, January 4, 2024

2023 in Review

I wrote the least amount of posts in 2023 since I have been blogging - just 96 posts - but it was a great year full of fun and wonderful activities and memories. 

~ January ~

I was invited to Independence Village in Plymouth, MI to do a presentation for the residents about Detroit's Iconic Whitney Restaurant located in the former David Whitney Mansion [where I'm the Tea Director].

~ February ~

I celebrated my 76th Birthday with my hubby and son, Steve, by visiting the beautiful David Whitney building in downtown Detroit and had lunch afterwards at Slows Barbecue in Corktown.

Bust of David Whitney

~ March ~

I hosted a St. Patrick's Tea at Pamela's Banquet Facility for 16 family and friends.

Daughter and Daughter-in-law

Daughter-in-law and Granddaughters

Two of nine friends that attended

~ April ~

Welcomed Palm Sunday and Easter and learned a new quote.

"Life is like making tea!  Boil your ego, evaporate your worries,
dilute your sorrows, filter your mistakes, and get a taste of happiness."  ~ Anon

~ May ~

Attended Granddaughter Brooke's College Graduation from Olivet Nazarene University

 ~ June ~ 

Celebrated our 57th Wedding Anniversary at River Crab Restaurant on the St. Clair River

Attended Granddaughter Izzy's High School Graduation Party

Hosted a fun Fiesta Luncheon

This takes us halfway through 2023.  I'll conclude the review in my next post.