Sunday, February 26, 2023

Mother Nature!

On Wednesday, Mother Nature sent freezing rain to Michigan. Schools were closed in anticipation of the ice storm, and that evening our power went out twice but came back on after a few minutes. Thursday was another story, however.  Around 7:30 that evening, the power went off, and didn't return until today [Sunday] while we were at church.  My girlfriend said she heard on the news that this was the second largest power outage since they began keeping records.

As we pulled out of our street on the way to church this morning, I saw a few DTE trucks and crewmen, and became hopeful our power would soon be restored.  I quickly grabbed my phone to take their picture.

From Friday morning until today our Honda generator has been our treasured friend. While it wasn't hooked up to our furnace, it did keep our side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, chest freezer and other small appliances [electric tea kettle - had to have my tea during the crisis; iPhone chargers - so we could check e-mails, time, and other relevant information; a lamp - so we wouldn't stumble and fall in the dark; and a heating pad to warm up our bed at night] functioning until power was restored.

Amazing how we take electricity for granted.  I can't count how many times I walked into a room and flipped on the light switch out of habit even though I knew there was no power.  The inside thermostat went down to 52 degrees, which was a bit chilly.  Our son, Steve, invited us to come stay with them, but we dressed warmly in layers and managed okay.   Yesterday was a work day for me at The Whitney, so I was assured of getting warmed up there.

As I sat in church this morning I thought about how blessed we are as Christians that there's never a power failure with God.  We can always depend on Him to be there when the storms of life come as well as when things are going smoothly.

Life is good as I type this post, everything's up and running again... the furnace, my computer, my stove, and I'm grateful, warm and contented.


  1. So pleased to hear you have electricity again! We do take it for granted, don't we!

  2. That's right "never a power failure with God"! Frankly, with the state of our country, we sure wish we had our Colorado wood burning stove now in Missouri. Glad your power returned!

  3. I'm surely glad you have that generator, and even more glad that the power was restored.


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