Wednesday, November 30, 2022

J.L. Hudson Department Store

Last night [Tuesday, Nov. 29] the Detroit PBS station aired Detroit Remember When: Holidays at Hudson's.   The televised tribute focused on Hudson's holiday legacy and was very nostalgic. During the filmed program, several people were interviewed including Carmen Harlan, Mike Hauser, Bruce Kopytek, former Mayor Dennis Archer, Debbie Stabenow and several others.  The program was made into a DVD by Eric Longs and obtainable through the PBS station.

Bruce Kopytek's book was also featured.  I'm still waiting for my pre-ordered book to arrive due to shipping delays.  I know it will be worth the wait.   

Last night's PBS program set the stage for today's Dine and Discover program at Farmington Hills Costick Center.  My ticket was secured a few months ago, but I forgot about it until I received a text from my friend, Linda, reminding me.  It was a cold, windy morning, but that didn't prevent a sell-out crowd from coming to honor the legacy of Hudson's Department Store.

~ Linda and son, Jerry ~

  ~ Vickie, Tracey, and Barb ~

Lunch was served at 11:30 a.m.  The two most popular items on Hudson's restaurant menus was the Maurice Salad and Chicken Pot Pie, so today's lunch menu was a Chicken Pot Pie served with a tossed salad and roll, and my beverage of choice was hot tea.

The program was The Hudson's Building, a documentary by award winning Detroit film maker, Gary Glaser.  Afterwards Mr. Glaser answered questions and gave comments.  He reminded us that Hudson's was Amazon before Amazon!  You could purchase anything and everything there.

~ J.L. Hudson's Building~

~ Gary Glaser ~

While last night's PBS program brought back fond memories of the beloved department store, today's program offered no 'warm fuzzies'. It was the debate about preservation and redevelopment vs demolition. There were interviews with developers, city planners, preserationists and city council members.  In the end, the city council voted for demolition, and we watched the implosion on film as the department store toppled in a huge cloud of billowing dust.  It was a very sad event that can never be rectified, but I have happy memories.

On the brighter side, the Detroit Historical Museum is bringing back their Hudson's Holidays exhibit by popular demand.  It was launched last year and was an awesome exhibit.  It's open now thru December 30th.  Check the Detroit Histocial Museum website for times.

With that, I'll close my last post of November 2022.


Monday, November 28, 2022

A Surprise 70th Birthday Party

Someone has said 70 is the new 50.  For those of us who have reached that milestone, we'd probably all agree it's true in our mind, but our body is debatable!  ;-)

A maternal cousin [who I've blogged about before] hosted a surprise 70th birthday party for her husband last Saturday night.  From the 'Save the Date' to the Invitation, the wheels were in motion for a wonderful family gathering.

Shortly after I got home from work, my hubby and I made our 40 mile drive to the destination. Surprise parties are difficult to keep secret, but the guest of honor was completely surprised when he entered the banquet room and everyone yelled "Surprise!"

My cousin assembled the cutest themed gift bags for everyone to take home.

26 maternal first cousins are still living and 9 of us [along with our spouses] were there.  It was nice to be together at a happy gathering rather than a funeral.

The cousin who hosted the party is on the left, and her sister is on the right.  I'm the shortie in the middle. I'm not the oldest of the 26 cousins, but I was the oldest among the cousins present Saturday night.  Does that mean more wisdom for longer time on the planet?  ;-)

Victor and Cindy's son is a minister near Nashville, TN and back in the summer he was diagnosed with lukemia.  He will undergo a bone marrow transplant on Dec. 13th.  His brother [top row, far right pic below] is a perfect match and will be the donor.  Josh leaves on Wednesday for Nashville to prepare for the procedure.  To encourage Eric, and show support several bought T-shirts, and wore them to the party.  I bought one too, but came to the party wearing what I wore to work.  If you're a Christian believer and would like to pray for Eric and Josh on Dec. 13th, it would be greatly appreciated.

~ More cousins and spouses ~

Thanks, Victor, for having a milestone 70th birthday so we could all be together, and Cindy for hosting a very nice party!

Friday, November 25, 2022

Thanksgiving Day Recap

I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving Day.  We did.  It was a smaller group this year as our daughter and her husband are visiting family in North Carolina.  They celebrated Thanksgiving early last Tuesday in Frankenmuth, MI with John, Tiffany and the girls [photos below].  John and Tiff spent Thanksgiving Day with John's family this year. 

~ Bronner's Christmas Store ~

[Tiffany, Lori, Juliette and Evie]

[Dave and Lori]

Steve and Sharon hosted Thanksgiving for the rest of our family at their house again. I fixed the turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and rolls, and hubby bought apple pies, since our pie baker [Lori] was out-of-town.  We transported the food where it joined a lot of other delicious side dishes prepared by Sharon and Brooke.  We ate shortly after 1:00 o'clock, and nobody left the table hungry. 


[Brooke, Sharon and Steve]

[Grandson, Brandon]

Brianna stayed in Nashville, TN for Thanksgiving this year, and Samantha, Izzy and Ellie joined us later in the day after going to Samantha's family gathering first.  Landon was sick with the flu so Jeremy stayed home with him.

Watching football was the agenda for the guys. Unfortunately the Detroit Lions lost to the Buffalo Bills 25 to 28. 


[Izzy and Brooke]

Brooke's kitten, Gus, was with us too, but no photos to share of him. ;-)  I didn't get any photos of Samantha and Ellie either.

Izzy received her acceptance to Michigan State University this fall [her dad's alma mater].  The photos below were taken of Izzy and Jeremy at a Spartan football game on November 19th.  It was 27 degrees with snow flurries which is why they were so bundled up.  Unfortunately Michigan State lost.

I had planned to stay in all day today - no Black Friday shopping for me - but I decided to venture out long enough to buy a Kirkland's gift card for our daughter-in-law.  She loves decorating for the holidays and that's one of the stores she likes for her holiday decor.  She has hosted Thanksgiving several years and I thought a Kirkland's gift card would be a good way to say 'thank you'.  

I had to exercise great willpower to pass up these dishes at Kirkland's.  Aren't they cute?

I couldn't resist taking the pic [below] of the adorable golden retrievers for our grandson, Landon. He wants one and Samantha said Jeremy has joined sides with him to convince her they should get one.  I told Sam to show Landon the pic and ask him if he'd be content with the painting instead of the 'real deal'.  [Of course, I know it wouldn't even come close!]

How did you spend Thanksgiving?  Did you go out shopping for Black Friday deals today?  I saw the graphic below last year, and it still makes me smile.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Jerry and Landon Celebrate Birthdays

My hubby shares his birthday with our grandson, Landon.  Jerry turned 76 last Saturday and Landon turned 14.   I had to work Saturday [served tea to 153 guests], but I celebrated with my hubby when I got home - made him his favorite chocolate mound cake.

When our granddaughter, Tiffany, and her two sweet little girls called to wish their Papa a Happy Birthday, Evie excitedly told him she had her first loose tooth.   He asked her to send a picture when it came out, and shortly after the phone call we received this picture!

On Sunday we went out to dinner after church to celebrate with our daughter and son-in-law.

And on Tuesday we drove to Chelsea to attend Landon's basketball game and celebrate with him after the game.  Landon's #24.

Here's the two birthday boys.

Jerry has one more celebration - this coming Monday when we'll be going out to eat with our son, Steve.  He was away last weekend on a retreat with the youth from church.

The Shutterfly album I was working on of my hubby's childhood has been completed and received. I couldn't wait until Christmas.  I gave it to him the day it arrived.  It was such a nice walk down memory lane for him and he was pleased to have it documented and published.

Winter is approaching - it's 33 degrees today and flurrying, but no significant accumulation yet.  It's dark by 5:30 p.m. now that day light savings time is in effect.  Is it too soon to say I'm ready for spring?!?

Friday, November 11, 2022

Happy Veterans Day

 Two of my favorite Veterans

My dad who served in U.S. Marine Corps during WWII in the South Pacific

My hubby who served in the U.S. Air Force  1965 - 1969

My brother, brother-in-law and father-in-law also served in the military. Cheers to all the veterans who have preserved our freedoms.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

A Cider Mill Day

What do you do on a beautiful, sunny, 71 degrees, November day in Michigan?  You visit a cider mill.  I was lamenting that I hadn't had a chance to go to the cider mill this fall and thought I had missed my opportunity for 2022.  But when today's weather was so nice, my hubby and I put it on our agenda.  There are several cider mills in the area, but Yates is the closest [16 miles from my house], so that's the one we visited.  Many others were taking advantage of the nice weather by paying them a visit too. 

Yates has been producing apple cider, pressed by water power from the Clinton River, since 1876.

Once inside the store, we purchased a half gallon of cider and two hand pies [hubby got apple and I got cherry].  Then we got some glasses and napkins and went outside to enjoy our cider and treats. One advantage of going so late in the year is that a legion of bees weren't swirming around us.  Only had one pesty bee today who wanted us to share our cider and hand pies with him.  The cold cider was so delicious.  Kroger's brand just can't compare!

With my "cider mill fix" satisfied for the 2022 fall season, we happily made our way back home.

I finally finished the Shutterfly album of my hubby's childhood [birth thru Jr. High School] and sent it winging its way through cyberspace last night shortly before midnight.  Glad to have another album scratched off my 'to do' list.  I've been diligently working on it since October 29th, so I'm ready for a break.  Scanning and editing 170 old photos was the most time consuming part of the project, but worth the effort.  His mother wasn't a big picture taker, so the album only has 59 pages, but it's still a nice album.

Last Saturday was bustling with activity at The Whitney, serving tea to 127 guests.  36 of them were bridal tea attendees.  Beth, the mother of the bride, traveled on the plane with me last month to Memphis, TN and told me then that she had booked a bridal tea for her daughter at The Whitney.

Floral arrangements in teapots decorated the tables.  I took pictures of a couple.  It was a lovely bridal tea.

The week has flown by and in two days it'll be time to return to my workplace.   

A friend from California posted a picture on Facebook a couple of days ago from 2004 when we were Sandy Clough tea ladies together.  We had meetings twice a year at Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, and the picture was definitely a blast from the past.  Sylvia is second from left in the front row, and I'm fourth from the left in the second row.  Sandy Clough is fourth from the left in the first row.  In some ways it seems 18 years have passed so quickly and in other ways it seems like it was a life time ago.

Signing off for today... be well and stay safe!