Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Never to Old to Learn!

I've already blogged about my hubby and I getting a new iPhone 13 [upgraded from our old iPhone 7], and there's so much we don't know about it, we decided to take the basic class, 'Getting Started with iPhone.'    The class was this morning at 10:30.

~ Apple Store ~

When we arrived the store wasn't too busy, but by the end of our hour-long class the store was beginning to fill with people. 

When we first arrived. 

The free class was limited to 5 people and there were just 3 of us.  The other man was 83 years old with about the same technology level as ours which helped prevent intimidation!  ;-)

Our instructor was excellent.  I wanted to take his picture, but he was camera shy [per store policy]. Though extremely knowledgable, he kept his instructions on our level, and didn't talk over our heads.  He said everyone suffers from CRS syndrom - Can't Remember Stuff ;-). Learning the iPhone is a repetitive process.

One segment of the class pertained to apps which made me wonder if there are tea apps, and there are indeed!  When I quickly Googled it, several tea apps came up.  This will be fun to pursue when time permits.  Do you have any tea apps on your iPhone? 

I came home and fixed myself a cup of tea to soothe and stimulate my brain, which at the end of an hour was was approaching overload zone.  The time did pass quickly though, and an hour was the perfect length of time.  I was happy I took the class and plan to take more.  

This is a short post and practically unrelated to tea, but I wanted to keep in touch so you know I'm alive and well.

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  1. I learn new things about my iPhone often, and I never thought to look for a tea app! Interesting! I'm glad you were able to take advantage of this class.


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