Monday, March 20, 2023

Teacups, Tea Clothing and WhatsApp

Happy First Day of Spring!  As I type this post it is 31 degrees and sunny in southeastern Michigan, but hopefully warmer spring weather is right around the corner.

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  It was a busy one for me.  On Friday leading up to the weekend, I went to an estate sale where online photos showed a large number of china teacups. The sign said $10 each, but I told them I was purchasing for The Whitney and am only authorized to spend $6 per teacup.  I would take all 25 of them if they would sell them to me at that price and they did.  I brought them home, washed them up and took them to work on Saturday to put into service.  There were many beautiful teacups in bunch.  Saturday was VERY busy at The Whitney. We served tea to 108 guests, using both the first and second floors of the mansion.  

My youngest great-granddaughter, Juliette, turns 4 on April 3rd, and I found the perfect gift for her.  I ordered it online but picked it up at The Children's Place.  It's by Jamboree and they currently have a whole line of girls [and boys] clothing called 'Time for Tea' - dresses, tops and pant sets with matching accessories [hat, shoes, purse, socks].  They're so adorable.  Below is what I purchased for Jules and I'm seriously thinking about ordering the same for her sister, Evie, who has a May birthday.  

If you're a tea-lovin' mom, grandma, or auntie, the garments in this adorable clothing line make the perfect gift, and it's currently on sale.  The three pieces below only came to $40 [including tax].

Do you use the WhatsApp on your iPhone?  It's predominately used for communication with people in other countries for free.  I just recently learned about it and have been using it to chat with people in England.  But that's a topic for another post at a later time.

Our youngest son, Jeremy, came by for a visit yesterday with exciting news about a career advancement which comes with a move from Chelsea to the western side of the state - Zeeland, MI [right next to Holland].  It will take them an additional 1 1/2 hours farther away from us, but at least they're still in the State of MI, and it will give us new areas to visit.  They have a new [to them] house sale pending and it's an exciting time for him and his family.  Life is always full of changes.


  1. Oh what an adorable dress and jacket to match and so glad you got those teacups at a bargain price for them!

  2. I ordered and received the cardigan, purse and barrettes for my youngest granddaughter who is 6. They are so precious. Now you have sent me back for that dress. I hope it comes in her size!

  3. I'm sure those teacups and saucers are getting good use already. I love that you use vintage teacups at the Whitney. That tea outfit is beyond adorable - I love the purse! I wish I had seen something like that when my granddaughter was younger. 😁. I used WhatsApp for the first t8me recently while my youngest was working in Cambodia for several weeks. Technology is amazing!


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