Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Visit to Sweet Afton Tea Room

Amidst the turmoil of my mother's unexpected hospitalization, I took a couple of hours last Saturday [7/26] to meet a friend in Plymouth, MI for tea.  The date had been previously set, and reservations had been made at Sweet Afton Tea Room, so I kept the commitment knowing tea and good company would be a great source of inspiration and rejuvenation.

My second post when I first started blogging [January 25, 2012], was about having tea at Sweet Afton Tea Room.  A subsequent post about the tea room was written when my hubby and I visited in January 2013.  

Last Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, summer day.  Our reservations were for 11:00 a.m. when the tea room opened for business.  I arrived in quaint downtown Plymouth at 10:45, and found the public parking lots were already filled with cars, and the streets bustling with people. I inquired if a special activity was going on, and was told "No, it's just a typical summer Saturday in downtown Plymouth."

I waited on a park bench near Sweet Afton and 'people watched' until the tea room opened its doors.  Lovely flower boxes line the downtown streets, and Sweet Afton sponsored a box of hydrangeas and other small flowers.

Two ladies with two little girls were anxiously waiting for the tea room to open too.  I took advantage of the empty tea room to take some photos, because I knew it would be bustling with patrons in just a matter of minutes.

A photo of Robert Burns, the Scottish poet who wrote the lyrical poem, Sweet Afton, describing the Afton waters in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1791, and Flow Gently Sweet Afton sheet music, the title given the poem when Jonathan E. Spilman set it to music in 1837, hangs in the foyer/gift area of the tea room.

~ A inside view of the tea room. ~

~ The chandeliers are made with teacups. ~

~ This was our table for two. ~

Pictured below is my friend, Barb Gulley.  She writes for the online Examiner publication keeping people in the Detroit Metro area informed of tea happenings.  She also has a blog, Barb's Tea Shop and website for her tea education business.  Barb is an avid Jane Austen fan.

[L-R:  Barb and Me]

Barb ordered the Sweet Afton High Tea, and I ordered the Robert Burns - Broccoli Cheddar homemade soup, Quiche Lorraine, and a Cheddar Muffin.  It was very good.

My tea selection was Wild Cherry Amaretto, and Barb ordered Earl Grey.

Our efficient server was Elizabeth, but she was camera shy so alas, no photo to share of her. Barb and I had a great time getting caught up on each other's news. She and her daughter, Rachel, had just returned from the 7th annual Jane Austen festival sponsored by the Louisville, KY chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America.  She said it was the best one yet.

No visit to Sweet Afton would be complete without checking out their retail area, where I purchased the Tea Party game for children ages 5 years and up - perfect for having fun with my younger granddaughters while teaching them about the components of a tea party.

Aren't Sweet Afton's gift bags pretty?

Sweet Afton has the honor of being featured in the upcoming Sept./Oct. issue of Tea Time Magazine, and Barb will also have an article in the Tea Diaries section, so be sure to read both of them.

It was a great time of destressing over tea and friendship, and I'm glad I didn't cancel the appointment. 

When we finished at Sweet Afton, we walked across the street to TranquiliTea shop.  I'll write about our visit there in a separate post.

To those of you who have written words of encouragement during my mom's hospitalization on my blog or privately, or have phoned, thank you so much.  I know God will provide strength and guidance in the days ahead.  


  1. What a lovely tea room! I'm so glad you could have this visit in the midst of all the hospital stress. I continue to pray for you and your mother.

  2. OK, I am obviously behind on my blog reading for various reasons this week, but my goodness, I'm sorry to hear about your mother being in the hospital! Hopefully I'll read on and get caught up ... but this was a delightful looking teatime, and it sounds like you probably needed it at that point!

  3. What a great tea time in Plymouth! So glad you could take a tea break. Beautiful write up. Hoping good news to come with your mother and look forward to our next tea time!


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