Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

We were up bright and early Sunday morning [June 22], so we could be at the park just after it opened [9:00 a.m.]  Isabella and Landon were so excited to be visiting the park for the first time. Papa [Jerry] volunteered to stay at the condo to babysit Ellie.  Despite long lines, and hot temperatures accompanied by a brief downpour, it was a great day!

Below is a photo from the last time our family visited Disney World in June, 1988.  What a difference 26 years makes! Jeremy was almost nine years old, and Steve had just finished his freshman year of college.  How swiftly the years pass as Isabella is about the same age her Daddy was in this photo!

[L-R:  Me, Jeremy and Steve]

There is indeed a sense of magic and excitement upon entering the park!

~ My one-day card to the Magic Kingdom ~

~ Entering the Magic Kingdom ~

To say there were a lot of people there that day would be an understatement, but the park is efficiently run and very well maintained!

~ Jeremy, Samantha, Izzy and Landon ~

While I went on every ride with my family, two of my favorites weren't rides at all - they were the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland - which Walt Disney actually created for the General Electric pavilion at the 1964-65 World's Fair in New York City under the name "Progressland", and the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square.  Housed in a building that looks like Philadephia's Independence Hall, the presentation is narrated by Morgan Freeman, and is excellent!

It's a Small World was fun.

John, Landon, and Tiffany on the boat ride in It's a Small World.

Izzy got to take the wheel of the Jungle Cruise boat in Adventureland.

At 9:00 p.m. we found a place to watch the Main Street Electric Parade.

[Landon and Izzy]

After the Electric Parade we went to Fantasyland to the Mad Tea Party, and rode a ride of oversized, spinning teacups.

Lori, Izzy and I rode together in one teacup.  My hair was straight from the heat and brief downpour, so I laid vanity aside and pulled it back with a clip, but it's a great picture of Izzy and Lori.  How nice for Disney to include something for tea lovers in the park!  ;-)

Right near the Mad Tea Party ride is a Topiary of Alice in Wonderland [holding the teapot], the Mad Hatter, and the March Hare.  The leaf in the lower left corner says:  
Be good at something,
It makes you valuable...
Have something to bring to the table,
Because that will make you more welcome.
~ Randy Pausch

From there Jeremy, Izzy, and Lori headed over to Space Mountain for a final ride on the roller coaster.  Since I rode it earlier in the day, once was enough for me. Samantha, Landon and I waited for them as they had their last thrill of the day.

After 14 hours in the park we rode the monorail and tram back to our car.  It was the end of a wonderful day of memory making.


  1. A long, fun day! Love the topiary.

  2. Great pictures, beautiful family! Looks like you had a great time. So neat to share these special memories with the grands!

  3. I love seeing all those smiling faces! And of course it's great that you managed to work a little "teatime" into the day as well!


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