Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Santa Drinks Tea!

After a busy day, I came home to find my first tea-themed Christmas card of the season in the mail.  It's so cute I just had to share it!  It came from tea and blogging friend, Nancy R. of Rosemary's Sampler blog, and owner of Sweet Remembrances Tea Room in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. 

The card is titled, Tea and Cookies for Santa

Thanks, Nancy!  It made my day! 

It reminded me of Jim Shore's Santa that I bought last year.

I'm so glad Santa likes tea!  ;-)


  1. I love that card! And my Santa with teapot is on my dining room table,

  2. Of COURSE Santa is a tea drinker -- he has to be both calm AND alert to get all these presents made and delivered in time! ;)

  3. Fun! So glad you enjoyed the Santa card... perfect for a tea drinking friend!


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