Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 Tea-themed Christmas Cards

I enjoy sending tea-themed Christmas cards when I can find them, but it seems they get harder to find every year.  Below are two different cards that I'll be sending out this Christmas. The cards on the left are by Carol Wilson, and the cards on the right are by Punch Studio.

In this technological age of E-mail, twitter and text messages, Christmas Cards are becoming a thing of the past, but as long as they're available, I'll continue to send them.  Do you still send Christmas Cards?  Are they tea-themed?

I thought it would be fun to share the tea-themed Christmas cards I've sent in past years. Wouldn't it be awesome if someone in the tea industry came up with tea-themed greeting cards, particularly Christmas ones? 

[Caspari Card - by Carolyn Bucha]

[Holiday Cards by Sandy Clough]

[By Julia Bell]

The next three cards are all by Sandy Clough from Walter Drake [different years].

[Painting by Pat Richter]

[Original Art by Marla Shega]

[From Abbey Press]


  1. Those are awesome! And I agree they are very hard to find! I didn't find ANY this year!

  2. Wow..very beautiful christmas cards.

    send Christmas card

  3. These are sweet. I haven't attempted to make tea themed ones myself yet, when I get better at this craft I will for sure. I've been collecting tea stamps and dies so I have the equipment.

  4. Lovely collection of tea themed holiday cards - I'm always on the lookout for them! I prefer to send a tea related greeting card - but don't always have good luck.

  5. I do send Christmas cards, and some years I made them, some years I buy them. I sent the first Sandy Clough ones you pictured, last year, I think they came from Dayspring? I'm partway through making them this year and hoping to finish in time to get them mailed soon. Wish me luck! You have found some beautiful ones in past years.

  6. I enjoyed viewing these tea themed cards, Phyllis. I do send Christmas cards. I try to pick ones out that have some talk or pictures of the Savior since Jesus is the reason for the season. :-)

  7. Yes, I do send Christmas cards, and I have new teacup ones from Walter Drake to send out this year (similar to one of the ones above, but not exactly the same). I loved seeing all of these, and you've given me some new card sources to add to my list for next year!


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