Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013!

Candlelight service at church celebrating Christ's birth.  He is the Light of the World!

Mother and daughter - passing the faith along.  How awesome!

All ready to serve punch and cookies at the conclusion of the service.

Christmas Eve dinner at our house.  The family is growing so there were two dinner tables to set this year.   The house with bustling with 19 of us throughout the evening!

[L-R:  Daughter-in-law Sharon, son Steve, hubby Jerry, son Jeremy, & daughter-in-law Samantha]

[Granddaughter Tiffany, and her fiancΓ©, John]

[Granddaughter Brianna, and daughter Lori]

[Lori and my mother]

After dinner it is our tradition for hubby to read the Christmas Story from Luke, Chapter 2.

Then came the presents... the youngest opened their gifts first.  Landon got a robe with a football applique sewn on it.  He loved it!

Below, Landon in his robe watching his daddy open his gift - money to go towards his trip to the Rose Bowl game to watch his alma mater, Michigan State, play football in the championship game.  Both of our sons are MSU alumni, and both of them will be at the Rose Bowl game on New Year's Day.

John received a T-shirt of his favorite football team.

Our eight grandchildren.

Our daughter, Lori, and her children. 

[L-R:  Brandon, Lori, Tiffany and Marissa]

[Brandon and his girlfriend, Vanessa]

Our son, Steve, and his family.

[L-R:  Brooke, Sharon, Steve, and Brianna]

Our youngest son, Jeremy, and his family.

[L-R:  Isabella, Jeremy, Ellie, Landon, and Samantha]

[Jeremy and Samantha]

After opening presents, it was game time around the table with "Catch Phrase."

[Far left is Aurel, Marissa's boyfriend]

In between games, we had our birthday cake for Jesus and cookies.  One of our family's favorite cakes is the chocolate mound cake, so I make it every Christmas Eve for Jesus' birthday cake. We put candles on it, and sing Happy Birthday, knowing that His Spirit is very present at the celebration commemorating His birth.

Lori, Samantha, Brianna and Vanessa all brought cookie trays, so there was no shortage of sweets.

What did I get for Christmas?  Not one, but three gift cards to Barnes and Noble; a gift card to P.F. Chang's; DVD's of Seasons 1,2, & 3 of Downton Abbey; Slippers; Christmas Ornaments; and a gift basket filled with edible goodies, a candle, slippers, and a wonderful cookbook [pictured below].

Scones with clotted cream and jam is definitely my idea of comfort food!

And... a teapot toothpick holder with matching salt and pepper shakers.

The day before Christmas Eve I received a beautiful floral arrangement from a very special family.  What a wonderful Christmas!

 Christmas Greetings from our house to yours!


  1. What a blessing to have all your children and grandchildren gather on Christmas Eve! Merry, merry Christmas to you all.

  2. It is so nice to see your whole family together enjoying Christmas, and you've shared lovely photos of them all.
    No surprise you received tea themed things and Downton Abbey to relive again.
    I hope you enjoy a relaxing few days sipping tea and watching your DVDs Phyllis.

  3. What a wonderful family as seen through these photos - such a wonderful time!


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