Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmases Past...

On December 24th my friend, Angela, at Tea with Friends blog, wrote a post about the book, Under the Tree - the Toys and Treats That Made Christmas Special, 1930-1970.  I loved seeing Angela's photo of her second Christmas when she received the Little Hostess buffet.  I hope to acquire the book because I know it will contain presents Santa brought me as a child. In the meantime, I began searching through old photos for Christmas pictures from my childhood. I found some, and am on the hunt for the rest that I know exist. Thanks for inspiring me to take a walk down memory lane, Angela!

My first Christmas at 10 months old with my brother, Danny, and sister, Janet.  I still have that red rocking chair, and it's actually in pretty good shape!  

Christmas 1948 at Muirhead's Department Store in Dearborn, MI. [My childhood water color set and crayons were used to convert the black and white photo into a colored one!]

Janet and I each got dolls and buggies.  Danny got a sled.  My sister was stricken with polio a few months later and passed away.  I was too little to have any recollection of her, but I often wonder what she would have been like if she were living today.

Christmas 1950.  I got the chalk board in the background and the accordion.  I smile every time I see this photo because my mother misspelled my name on the chalkboard!  

My wonderful Daddy.   He was the man I was going to marry when I grew up!

Looks like my brother, Danny, got a cowboy outfit from Santa!

Christmas 1951.  My brother and I each got bikes, and I got a metal dollhouse and doll furniture to go inside.  The child-sized folding table and chairs was a shared gift.

The photo below was undated, but I think it was Christmas 1952 at my aunt's house.  That's my grandmother, my three cousins, and my Aunt Margaret [my mom's sister] in the foreground. My mother is in the back right corner, and I'm right beneath her amused by something. Notice that early TV screen behind my mom.

Christmas 1956.  That doll I'm holding had lime green hair!

Another 1956 photo after Danny and I put on our Christmas finery.  Do people get dressed up on Christmas Day anymore?  My brother was 14, and notice those white suede bucks he was wearing! Remember when Pat Boone made them famous in the 50's?  Danny was either unhappy about having his picture taken with me, or it wasn't cool for a teenager to smile for pictures.

Christmas 1957

 I'm off to look for more Christmas photos!  If I find any I'll add them.    


  1. I enjoyed this so much. I was so touched by the fact that your sister died of polio. I remember we sent and got the vaccinations in the l950's but for some it was already too late. I am so glad you have these photos.

  2. Love the photos! I have a few, too, which are treasures.

  3. What a wonderful treasure of family photos over the years!

  4. What a great visit with your family! A great New Year's post! Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

  5. Wonderful pictures. Enjoyed the pictures of Janet.


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