Monday, May 22, 2017

Watching The 'Grands' Perform

Last Friday [5/19] my hubby and I traveled to Chelsea, MI to watch our granddaughter, Isabella, perform in a musical.  It was actually a high school performance [Company C], but Izzy is in Jr. C and they performed one number in Shelter.

Our youngest son, Jeremy [and Izzy's dad], was the athletic director and assistant principal at Chelsea High School a few years back before he went to Skyline High School in Ann Arbor.

I liked the quote below as we came through the side entrance.

Saturday [5/20] was a dance recital for granddaughter, Brooke.  It was titled The Queen's Sapphire Jubilee, and was very British.   

~ The front and back covers of the program. ~

They even had a lady from England representing the queen.  She was wearing gloves and a hat, but I didn't see any purse! ;-)

There was a dance in honor of Beatrix Potter, and another called Getting Dressed for Tea.   I loved the Mary Poppins dance with the little girls.

~ Finale ~

~ Brooke ~

 Sharon, Brooke, and Steve.  Unfortunately there was no tea at the end of the recital! ;-)

When I got home I found a gift bag on my front porch from a very thoughtful lady. I had to share the framed picture of Shirley Temple with you.  Thanks, Barb F.   I love it!

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