Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Violet Teacups

I've been wanting to photograph my violet teacups for quite awhile, so today's the day! Hopefully, this is the beginning of grouping teacups of the same kind together.

My birth month is February, and the flower for that month is violets.  Knowing that, you'd think I'd have lots of teacups and dishes with violets on them, but I only have seven teacups. 

Two of them are birthday teacups.  The first is Royal Albert Flowers of the Month Series - Violets. Eventually I'll get the plate to match so I'll have a trio. 

The other is an opalasque/iridescent demitasse teacup by Norleans, Japan.  

Nikoniko EW China from Japan.  It has violets on the inside bottom of the teacup too.

~ Royal Albert Teacup ~

~ English-made by Radford Potteries ~

~ English-made by Duchess China Ltd. ~

~ Royal Sealy China, Japan ~

That concludes my violets collection for now!  I'm off to the store to purchase a tote specifically for them.   Do you collect violet teacups and china?


  1. Yes,but I don't have violet teacups yet,only a violet mug.Your collection is fabulous!Thanks for sharing ! Maristella.

  2. I do indeed collect violet teacups and china - violets are among my very favorite flower, plus they remind me of my grandmother, they were her favorite flower and purple was her favorite color. I have two teapots with violets (one from ebay and one was a gift), several dessert plates, 4-5 teacups & saucers, and a couple of lemon plates. Plus I have one sterling spoon with a violet on the end, another ebay purchase. One of the most special pieces is a teacup and saucer that belonged to a sweet friend named Violet, who lived to be 100 years old!


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