Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Love Lucy

It seems I just finish research on a program for the assisted living facility or a Bible study for my ladies group, and it's time to begin researching new material for the next one.  The next Shore Pointe Assisted Living program is June 25th, and the theme will be I Love Lucy. How well I remember watching that program when I was a kid, and a good laugh was always guaranteed.   

In preparation for my upcoming program I ordered two books from Amazon.  One arrived last week and the other came in yesterday's mail.  I began reading the Lucy & Desi book in the doctor's waiting room on Tuesday, but now that Lucy's autobiography has arrived, I'll set it aside to read her book first.

Other than my two books, I don't have any props to display so I began searching the Internet. I found several cute teapots, and am considering purchasing one of them.  There were also salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, and lots of dolls available.  

I also searched the Internet for photos of Lucy with a teacup in hand.

[Internet Photos]

Below with her best friend, landlord, and 'partner in crime', Ethel Mertz [Vivian Vance].

When I assisted Cheryl at Tea by Three tearoom she did a "Chocolate with Lucy Valentine Tea" in 2006 that was lots of fun.  Notice the 1952 Season 2 Episode 4 called "Job Switching" photo on the tablescape where Cheryl used Kit Kat candy bars as easels.  The napkin rings were made with small Tootsie Rolls glued to pieces of ribbon and tied. She also had a chocolate fountain for guests to dip pieces of fresh fruit into.

In the episode Ricky and Fred were upset with Lucy and Ethel's spending, and suggested they go to work for a week while he and Fred reversed roles and stayed home.  Lucy and Ethel went to Acme Employment Agency who sent them to a local candy factory.  The two wreaked havoc as they attempted to wrap chocolates off a speeding conveyor belt.  In an attempt to keep up, they stuffed chocolates in their mouths, dresses and hats.  Do you remember the episode?  In the photo below the supervisor was yelling out the order to speed up the conveyor.

Below is another photo from Cheryl's chocolate tea.  She and the lady who did the program donned red wigs to imitate Lucy.  Cheryl is on the left and the program presenter is on the right. Her name was actually Lucy and she was a big fan of Lucille Ball.  She brought her collection of  I Love Lucy memorabilia as props for the program.  The I Love Lucy television series began in 1951.  Did you grow up watching it?  

Lucille Ball was born in 1911 and died in 1989 four months shy of her 78th birthday from a ruptured aorta shortly after open heart surgery.


  1. I love that red/black heart shaped teapot! And yes, I did watch some of the episodes, including the infamous candy factory one. But I think if you enlarge and print some of those wonderful photos from this blog, (especially the ones where they are holding teacups) those would be great visual aids, too.

  2. I just saw where CBS is airing an "I Love Lucy" special tomorrow night! (5/19) 9:00 PM EDT, I don't know what time it will air where you are but wanted you to know about it!


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