Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Great-Granddarling Evie

Our new great-granddarling, Evie, was a week old yesterday.  We haven't seen her in person yet, but a visit is forthcoming very soon.  She lives just over 100 miles away.

Tiffany developed an infection two days after she got home from the hospital, and had to return last Sunday when surgery was required.  Fortunately she was in the OB special unit afterwards, so little Evie got to stay with her.  They both came home from the hospital for the second time yesterday, just in time for Evie's one week birthday.

Because everybody loves a baby, I'm sharing a few of John and Tiffany's pictures. 

Our daughter took a week's vacation from work to go to Lansing to stay with Tiffany at the hospital and then go home with her afterwards.  John took the pics below while Lori was napping in the hospital chair with Evie.

~ Not a care in the world. ~

Back at home again where Ollie has accepted not being the baby anymore.  He relinquished his position to Evie without any problems.  In fact, he's watching over her.

Evie's a contented and good-natured baby, and is already sleeping through the night. Wonder what was going through her little mind to produce a smile in her sleep.

I went shopping for a tea-themed outfit for her but couldn't find a thing.  I began my search at Babies R Us, then went to The Children's Place, Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Target, and J.C. Penney, but nobody had anything for an infant girl pertaining to teacups or teapots. They had everything else though!  I was so bummed.  Guess I'll have to special order something from Etsy.   The little outfit below is what I ended up with.

More photos to come after my first visit...


  1. Your outfit for sweet Evie is darling, and she is just adorable! I'm sorry Tiffany had to go back to the hospital but hope all will be smooth sailing for her now. Thank you for all the pictures - I'm waiting for my 2nd grandchild to be born in August, so I'm in "baby mode" for sure.

  2. Such sweet pictures of baby and Lori! Congratulations again! What a darling outfit for Evie!


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