Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Southern Lady Magazines

One of my dear blog readers contacted me a short time ago to ask if I would like to have her issues of Southern Lady magazine.  I've purchased a few issues over the years, so I knew it's a lovely magazine.   I told her I'd be delighted to have them.

The postman delivered them recently.  I think the magazine began publication in 1999 and my friend's collection began with the Nov./Dec. 2004 issue right through to the Jan./Feb. 2017 issue. It was a small fortune to mail them, and I can't thank her enough!

What fun unwrapping them, and seeing the treasure-trove of information that will supply leisure reading for quite some time.

Two 2006 issues were about Gone With the Wind.

But the BEST two issues are A Classic Taste of Charleston [July/August 2013] and The Travel Issue of Touring Savannah  [July/August 2015].

I assumed my role as coordinator of the Michigan Tea Tour last fall was a one-time thing, but I find myself knee-deep in plans for a "Southern Belle Tea Tour" this fall encompassing the states of Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina.  I can hardly wait to delve into these two magazines.  

Thank you so much, Sarah, for your kindness and generosity!

Happy March 1st everyone!


  1. Oh, I hope your Georgia tour will come somewhere close to me so I can come meet you!

  2. What fun to organize a tea trip! Its one of my dreams to go to Charleston and to tour the tea plantation there!

  3. Enjoy your magazines. Sarah is a generous lady.


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