Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tea and Toast

I played yesterday instead of blogging.  I drove down to the city of Wyandotte where I grew up to meet-up with five girlfriends I graduated from high school with.  But I'm back to blogging today.

I love the quote "Bread and water can easily become tea and toast."  I'm not having scones or cookies with my tea these days, but buttered toast points [Smart Spread not butter] was perfect with the second Adagio Tea that I sampled today - Golden Monkey.

This is an 0.8 oz. [23g] sample bag that will make 10 cups of tea.  The price is $6.

The tea has received 1,172 reviews so it's definitely been ordered by a lot of people.  The website stated Golden Monkey's leaves are said to resemble monkey paws, hence its name. It originated from the Fujian Province of China.

Notice the dried golden strands of tea mixed among the black.  The dry leaf gave a very good earthy/fruity aroma when I opened the bag. 

The unflavored black tea has a chocolatey/cocoa and savory rye flavor profile [according to my taste buds].  The description also said roasted apples, but I didn't taste apples even though I smelled a fruity aroma in the dry leaf.  The tea is very smooth with no bitterness.  I would classify it as a semi full-bodied tea, because it's not an in-your-face robust tea as some unflavored black teas can be.  It was delicious without the addition of sugar or honey. I highly recommend this tea and will order more.  The website said it yields multiple infusions which is uncharacteristic of many black teas. I'm anxious to try steeping the leaves more than once.

~ Infused tea leaves ~


  1. I'm glad you could take the day off yesterday to go "play" with friends. This tea sounds delicious!

  2. What lovely photos, and I so enjoyed reading your tea-tasting notes!

  3. Just discovered your blog. I love tea and I am writing this from Wyandotte!


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