Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Estate Sale and Resale Store Finds

I get weekly e-mail listings for local estate sales [accompanied by pictures of items for sale], but I usually delete them without even opening because I already have enough "stuff." Last week, however, I decided to open the listings and saw one that was close to my house, and after viewing the photos I decided to go. The sale opened last Friday morning [2/24] at 10:00 a.m. To be among the first group admitted to the house my hubby and I got there at 9:15, and even then our numbers were 54 and 55. Those who are really serious about these sales [usually dealers] get there very early!

If you've followed my blog for any length of time you know I collect J.L. Hudson Department Store memorabilia pertaining to Hudson's eateries, and what ladies would have worn when dining there.  In the pre-sale photographs I spotted several Hudson's hats and hatboxes, and I purchased three of them. 

The first is a navy blue summer hat with white beading.  The hatbox says "75 Years of Looking Ahead" which dates it around 1956.  J.L. Hudson opened his first store in Detroit in 1881.  All the hats and boxes I purchased are in excellent condition.  

I've never researched the deceased person of an estate sale before, but this lady intrigued me. I knew she had to be classy because of her hats, gloves, and fur trimmed coats with Hudson's labels. So when I noticed a name on a mobility walker, along with the address of the house, I went on-line when I got home and discovered she had lived in that house 57 years and died peacefully there in July, 2016 at the age of 90.  I'm so glad she left some of her hats for me.  I can't help wondering if she ever dined at Hudson's wearing one of them. Her obituary said she liked to shop, so it's possible. Her possessions reminded me a lot of my own mother, and their ages weren't too far apart.  As a matter-of-fact the house was like stepping back in time to the house I grew up in.  Both ladies had similar tastes.

The second hat is a brown velvet winter hat with sequins and rhinestone trim.

~ Hudson label inside the hat. ~

The third hat is a brown and white summer hat.  I love that all three hatboxes are different. I just booked a Hudson's presentation last week, so these hats will be a wonderful addition to my memorabilia.

The lady must have been a tea drinker too, because she had many lovely bone china teacups. I purchased two.  The pink floral chintz [below right] came from Hudson's, because there was a partial sticker still on the inside. The teacup with violets on the left is backstamped Royal Sealy China, Japan.  Both were $5 each.

For many weeks on my way to the local post office I've noticed a resale shop that appeared to be jam-packed with household items, but it was always closed when I was passing by. Last week, with unseasonably warm weather, the door was propped open when I drove by, so I decided to stop.  As you might suspect, I didn't leave empty handed.  You know I have a weakness for anything blue, so I purchased a porcelain figurine - I'm pretty sure it's a Lefton, but the sticker was removed.  She was $10.

A $3 violet teacup by Duchess also came home with me.  Violets are my birth month flower, so I hope to do a grouping soon, even though the month of February will be past.

And a Royal Albert Lady Carlyle luncheon plate for $4.  How could I pass it up???

So that concludes my shopping spree and purchases.  What treasures have you purchased lately?

P.S.  Have you had your "Paczki" today for Fat Tuesday [Shrove Tuesday]?  When I went to the grocery store earlier, they had a big display set up for selling them.  I'm counting my calories,  so I walked on by.


  1. What fun you had! The hats are beautiful! I hope you wear them too! The teacups and sweet lady are so lovely! I have been bad. I bought 3 teapots recently! Hubby bought a new hunting gun so I thought I deserved them! All three were good deals though!
    Hugs, Nancy

  2. I love the hats and hat boxes, and am so glad they went to you. All your purchases are lovely but the violet teacups are my special favorites. I love violets, and have a small collection of pieces. I plan to set my Mrach table with them.

  3. Those hats are lovely. The dishes are beautiful. Glad you were able to purchase the hats. I am sure the lady of that house is looking down with happiness knowing some one treasures her hats as much as she did. Enjoy your finds.

  4. What great finds for your collection! Those hats are wonderful. You tea cup finds are pretty, too! My grandmother was a February baby, and violets always remind me of her!

  5. P.S. "Paczki" was new to me - I googled it. No, I've never eaten any of those but they sound good and perfect for Shrove Tuesday. We had a Pancake Supper at church to mark the occasion, and a friend brought me a take-out box.


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