Monday, March 6, 2017

Tiffany, Mommy-to-be

In addition to all things tea, family photos occasionally make their way onto my blog.  For those who follow me regularly, I thought you might enjoy an update on my granddaughter, Tiffany. She's in her third trimester now, and is doing well.

She's pictured below with her golden retriever, Ollie [Oliver].  I wish I would have looked that small when I was in my third trimester!

~ Little Evelyn [Evie] Rose's picture taken on February 23rd ~

 ~ Invitation for Tiffany's baby shower that will be held later this month. ~

She registered with an online company called Carousel Designs.  Her crib linens will be from the Shabby Chenille line [pictured below].  I ordered the bumper pads and blanket for Evie's crib. Of course, there'll also be a tea set to go with it.

[Carousel Designs Website Photo]

More pictures will follow after the baby shower.  


  1. So sweet! I love how old fashioned names are coming back into style. I have a granddaughter names Klaire (Claire)!

    That crib bedding is darling!

  2. Such an exciting time! Tiffany looks beautiful and Miss Evie will be surrounded with lots of girly things, I'm sure. The crib bedding is so sweet!
    My daughter is in her 2nd trimester now with her 2nd child, after having 3 miscarriages, so I am beyond excited. They've decided not to find out the gender this time, and I'm kind of frustrated with that, but I'll just wait like everyone else, and shop AFTER the baby gets here. :-)

  3. What a lovely shower. Thank you for sharing. Those pictures of Evelyn Rose are precious.

  4. What a beautiful name for the baby to be!
    Pink will be her color for sure.

  5. What a gorgeous line of baby bedding, and you're right, Tiffany still looks tiny! I'm looking forward to my friend's first granddaughter being born this month and cannot wait to hold and smell a sweet little baby girl, hopefully soon!


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