Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring!

It's 42 degrees with gray skies on this first day of spring in Michigan.  There's no snow on the ground, so I'm happy!

My girlfriend brought me a beautiful spring bouquet [which I just photographed moments ago] when she came to Bible study on March 7th, and I'm still enjoying it.  The only flowers that wilted and had to be removed were the day lilies.  It's perfect for sharing on this first day of spring.

I recently received an e-mail from Adagio Teas asking if I'd like to sample $25 worth of their teas to review on my blog.  I eagerly accepted.  The teas arrived in today's mail. Isn't it fun to receive packages in the mail!

The three teas I chose were:  Lemon Meringue Green Tea [3 oz.], Golden Monkey Black Tea [0.8 oz.], and Keemun Rhapsody Black Tea [0.8 oz.].

Since I'm trying to lose weight, and green tea is said to boost metabolism and aid with weight loss, I spent the largest portion of the gift card on their Lemon Meringue Green Tea. I am more than pleased with my choice.  It's absolutely delicious!  [Clicking on the name above will take you right to the page on Adagio's website where it can be found.]

When I opened the bag, the lemony aroma of the dry leaf was wonderful. 

~ Closer look at the dry leaf.  ~

~ Infused leaf. ~

The tea has a smooth, light lemony taste - not tart, nor does it have any grassy or vegetal notes. The wonderful aroma of the dry leaf carries over into the steeped cup.  This could almost be a dessert tea it's that good.   If someone thinks they don't like green tea, this is definitely the one to change their mind.  The package says: "Blended with green tea, and the natural flavors of lemon, vanilla, and cream.  It's the perfect springtime treat."   How fitting that it arrived on the first day of spring!

It received 77 favorable reviews, and was listed as a favorite on the page among Adagio's green teas.  The ingredients are:  Green tea, apple pieces, orange peels, natural lemon flavor, marigold flowers, natural vanilla flavor, and natural creme flavor. I will definitely be ordering more of this tea!  It's $8 for 3 oz. which figures out to .21 cents a cup, and since it's green tea it yields multiple steeps.  Thank you Adagio, for the privilege of reviewing this great tea!

Reviews of the other two black teas will be forthcoming.


  1. I'm glad to know about this one, I'm a lemon fan so this is going on my "want to try" list. (Maybe I should call it a "teacup list" rather than a "bucket list"? LOL)

  2. Boy I wish I had a cup of that green tea right now.
    I love lemon! I find that I enjoy
    green teas when they have
    some other flavor with them
    not just the green tea.

  3. I am one who doesn't like green tea because it usually tastes like grass. This one sounds delicious!

  4. Mmm ... this makes me want to try that Lemon Meringue Tea!


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