Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Food for Soul and Body

Yesterday was the fifth ladies' Bible study at my house.  We meet every other week and are focusing on women of the Bible, but a few men make their way into our studies too. We began right at the beginning of the Bible in the Book of Genesis with Eve, then progressed to Sarai/Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, and yesterday was Leah and Rachel.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Even though centuries have passed, women still face the same challenges today that they did 'way back then', and God's Word is just as relevant today as it was in Biblical times.

After Bible study I serve a light lunch which is always a homemade soup and bread of some sort, and a dessert.

I don't want lunch to be the emphasis of our gathering, so it's never anything fancy.  There's no fussy tablescape because we sit around the dining room table for the Bible study first, but I do have a different menu and use different dishes each time we meet.

Since we'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day on March 17th I used my shamrock china yesterday along with a coordinating menu.  Reuben Soup with Irish Soda Bread.  I have blogged about the soup before and you can find the recipe here.  The bread is Grandma Clark's Irish Soda Bread from the Silver Palate cookbook.  I didn't intend for the menu to have an association with our Bible study, but I smiled when it occurred to me that Reuben was Leah and Jacob's first-born son.

Of course, no meal would be complete without hot tea.  The ladies enjoyed the Snowflake Black Tea the last time we met, so I served it again this time.

Dessert was an Angel Food Cake and Creamy, Pistachio Pudding Parfait.

When we met on February 22nd I served a Creamy Minestrone Soup, pull-apart Cheddar Ranch Rolls, and I got brave and made Rice Pudding from a new-to-me Mediterranean recipe.

I wish I could invite all of you into my home for our Bible studies.  Feeding our soul is just as important as feeding our body. In times like these we need the secure foundation of God's Word to gird us with peace and hope.  The ladies left with the promise God gave to Jacob in Genesis Chapter 28 verse 15a:  "I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go..."


  1. I love those shamrock shaped plates! Even if it's a light, more informal lunch, your attention to detail makes it special.

  2. I'd love to sit in on your Bible study group, and I'm very happy with the Tuesday morning group I belong to. It takes place at a woman's home in a retirement community but she, and another before her are ageing and moving to other facilities. We may soon be down to 3 and looking for new members. Wednesday nights are studies hosted by members of our church in the fireside lounge and we'll soon be starting Revelations.

  3. Those "simple" lunches look pretty nice to me -- no paper plates! I belong to a Faith Sharing Group who meets at my place twice a month also. They are surprised that I use REAL plates to serve the snacks and dessert. Very nice, Phyllis.

  4. I wish you could invite all of us to your Bible study too! I love seeing your pretty dishes and thoughtfully prepared food, and I know the spiritual food would be a delight as well. I always enjoy studying women of the Bible!


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