Friday, March 10, 2017

Isabella's School Play

Our granddaughter, Isabella, is in her middle school's drama club, so yesterday we traveled to Chelsea, MI to see her performance in last night's play.  They were without power at their home due to Michigan's high winds on Wednesday, but her school and downtown Chelsea still had power.

We had dinner at Cleary's Pub.  I ordered hot tea [Lipton's was the only choice] and a Mesquite Grilled Chicken Wrap with Sweet Potato Fries.  Yum!  [Sorry, I forgot to take a photo.]

~ Play Program ~

Izzy was Lady-in-Waiting #1  [third from left in purple dress]

~ Curtain Call ~

~ Family photos after the play ~

[Nana, Izzy, Ellie, and Papa]

Jerry treated all of us to desserts at Big Boy's restaurant after the play.

Our "Star"


  1. What a beauty Izzie is and so is Ellie. Lovely girls.

  2. I I heard about the power outages in Michigan and thought of you". I hope power has been restored to Izzy's house by now. It's so special for her to have her family present at the play. I love the family photo. Stay warm!

  3. Looks like your little celebrity is handling fame quite well!


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