Friday, August 26, 2016

Newest J.L. Hudson Memorabilia

I'm always on the lookout for J.L. Hudson Department Store memorabilia even though my book project has been relegated to the back burner.

Recently I saw a Tea Balls tin from Hudson's on E-bay that I purchased through the option, "buy it now" rather than bidding.  An identical tin was on E-bay a couple of years ago and the bidding went so high I dropped out.  This tin was very affordable at $12 plus shipping, and as it turns out the seller lives in nearby Shelby Township.

I tried researching "tea balls", but the only thing that came up was round tea strainers used for steeping loose tea.  

I know the tin didn't contain flowering tea balls because those are relatively new and wouldn't have been available when Hudson's was in business.  Maybe it held green Jasmine Dragon pearls???  If anyone has any other suggestions/possibilities I'd love to hear them. I'm very pleased to add the tin to my collection of Hudson's memorabilia.

I also purchased a booklet that promoted the store's 19th Annual Housewares Exposition held on the 10th floor.  I have to do some research to see what year that would have been.

My Hudson's quest continues...


  1. I wonder if tea balls were a candy or muffin?

  2. Fabulous! Right up your alley!

  3. Those are great finds! Happy hunting...

  4. What a great find! You are going to have the most wonderful collection of Hudson's memorabilia when the book does get published!


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