Monday, August 1, 2016

Izzy Comes for a Visit

Last Friday we drove to Chelsea, MI [where our youngest son and family live] to spend the day and bring Isabella [Izzy] home with us for a few days before her summer vacation ends.  

Chelsea was having an arts and crafts fair so we visited it.  Grandson, Landon, and youngest granddaughter, Ellie, had fun on the bouncies.

~ Izzy designed a T-shirt ~

~ Then we strolled main and side streets looking at vendor's wares ~

When we finished we had dinner at Cleary's Pub.  In the photo below Landon's looking out the door window at us.

On Saturday our daughter, Lori, joined us for breakfast at Country Oven.

[Lori and Izzy] 

~ I got my day started right with a cup of tea. ~

Then I took Izzy shopping at the mall. [The #1 activity on her list of things to do.].  Her two favorite stores were Claire's and Justice. Below she's modeling the outfit she got and showing her new 'treasures' to her Papa.

She'll soon turn 11, and will go to Middle School next month.  She's at the age where she loves all things Paris, and has picked 'The City of Light' as the theme for her upcoming birthday party. With Paris being her latest fascination, I suggested we watch Sabrina later in the evening while we colored in our coloring books.

We watched the 1995 remake of the original 1954 movie.

~ And there were some tea scenes. ~

Izzy diligently colored a tea-themed picture as she watched the movie.

 ~ Her finished piece of art work.  ~

I was coloring along with her in my own book, but my picture isn't finished yet.  I'll have to color through another movie before mine is done.  Nana's are slower. ;-)  It was an enjoyable pastime, and I like my coloring books and pencils.


  1. What fun! You are making special memories with Izzy, for sure!

  2. How fun! And a budding artist steeping in tea...what could be better!

  3. What a wonderful visit...aren't grandchildren just the best?!?!?


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