Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Granddaughter Time

Granddaughter, Brooke, will turn 14 later this month.  She lives locally and I attend church with her, so I see her frequently.  Even though there's a three year age difference between Brooke and Izzy, they get along really well together, so yesterday I picked her up to spend some time with us during Izzy's visit.

They both like going to the enclosed community pool with water slide, so that was yesterday's main activity.

[Izzy and Brooke]

~ Cool water slide ~

~ Izzy after just coming off the slide ~

While the girls had fun in the pool, I read from cover to cover a book one of my daughter's co-workers thought I would enjoy reading - 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff. 

84 Charing Cross Road is the address of a former used bookstore Marks & Co. in London.  It chronicles American writer, Helene Hanff's 20 years of correspondence with Frank Doel, the chief buyer for the book store, as well as a few other individuals associated with the store. It's a fast read spanning 1949 to 1969.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and discovered a movie was made of the book in 1987.  It's now on my list of videos to check out at the video store.

In the meantime, last night we watched the 2010 Disney movie Secretariat.  SO good!

This morning I smiled at the sight on the floor in the guest bedroom.  I'm glad neither of the girls have totally outgrown their love for American Girl dolls yet.

Today's activity is going to the theater to see, The Secret Life of Pets.  If I'm absent from my blog you'll know I'm busy spending time with my granddaughters.  The day will come when they'll be too big, and/or too busy to come for an extended visit, so I'm enjoying them while I can.


  1. Hi Phyllis, I also enjoy taking my granddaughter to our township pool. Did you know that an American Girl Doll store will soon be opening in Michigan? Yes, enjoy them while they are little. Jill

  2. Phyllis - I adore the movie, 84 Charing Cross. It may be one of the very few times I enjoyed the movie over the book version. I hope you like it too. Thankful for these times with your sweet granddaughters!

  3. It is so great when cousins are good friends! And wow, what a water slide - no wonder they enjoy that pool. I love that they are still dressing their AG dolls, too. We recently gave my 30-year-old daughter's AG doll to my 4-year-old granddaughter (her niece) who loves it. I see many years of doll clothes ahead.


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