Friday, August 12, 2016

A New Tea Book

I recently purchased Hoffman Media's Special Collector's Issue of Teatime Celebrations.  I only have three issues, so I've missed some along the way and they're not available at the website.  I will definitely be more diligent in the future.

On the page across from the Table of Contents is an advertisement for Hoffman Media's newest book, Taking Tea that just came out August 1st.  The book features 18 'must-visit places' for Afternoon Tea in the United States - from luxury hotels to independently owned tearooms.  

I ordered my copy, and got the free shipping offer.  It arrived yesterday and it's lovely.

I haven't been to any of the tea rooms, but I've been to four of the hotels:  The Drake in Chicago, IL; The Peabody in Memphis, TN; The Willard InterContinental in Washington D.C.; and last but not least, the Royal Park in Rochester, MI - just a few miles from where I live.

For anyone participating in the Michigan Tea Tour next month be sure to check out pages 91-96 to see the treat that awaits you!

I love any and all of Tea Time's publications.  I have every issue of Tea Time magazine going back to 2004, and all their books.  I wouldn't part with one!


  1. I too have all my issues of Tea Time but separated them by season into standing magazine holders. I recently switched to their digital subscription and really like it, easy to read and I can clip recipes.
    It was nice to see your collection of hard backed tea books.

  2. The book looks wonderful but what caught my eye was the Michigan Tea Tour - that sounds amazing. It's a shame Michigan is so far away from where I live!

  3. I have all these, including the new books. I just haven't been able to open them yet because of my schedule, etc.

  4. I have many issues of Tea Time magazine! They are such a treat!


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