Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Tea and Teacup

Recently while browsing in my favorite antique store - LaBelle Antiques - I saw a teacup I thought would be pretty for fall.  It was only $6, so I bought it.  

Its reasonable price is probably because it's not English bone china.  It's made in Japan.

Also... a friend at church recently gave me a gift bag containing two teas she got while visiting northern Michigan.

I've been wanting to try the teas, so my new teacup seemed like the perfect time.  I tried Cherry Amore first.  It's a Ceylon black tea blended with wild cherry flavor and rose petals. The cherry flavor is more dominant than the rose petals which is good since I don't care for strong floral teas.

Thanks, Debbie!  I'll be trying the tropical Mango soon.  I love the cute teapot note card tucked in the gift bag too.


  1. Pretty teacup! And yes, perfect for the coming fall weather. (Although it will probably get to you before it gets to me, I'm ready for it to be here any time!) Those teas do sound delicious, especially the cherry.

  2. It's fun to use/display these seasonal pieces. I love the change and it will be here soon. I was thinking today "when do I want to get out the fall things"? Your cup and saucer is lovely and the Japanese sure did beautiful work.

  3. Perfect for fall! Lovely teacup and the teas sound intriguing!

  4. I was at Cost Plus/World Market yesterday and thought of you when I saw a new tea I was thinking about trying, 'Maple Tea' from Canada. I'm hesitant to spend $5 on a tea I can't even smell; it was shrink wrapped in a little wood crate.
    Let me know if any of you are brave enough to give it a try! There's not a store close by where I live so I can't check back in when they might be sampling it.


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