Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Movie Matinee With My Daughter

This past Saturday I took my daughter to the 1:15 showing of Florence Jenkins Foster, starring Meryl Streep.  

For the most part, the movie is funny, but there are parts that are rather sad too.  The film is set in 1940's New York City, and is a true story about a New York socialite who aspired to become a great opera singer.  Unfortunately, her ambition exceeded her talent!  I am anxious to do some research on Florence Foster Jenkins.

One tea scene made its way into the movie.

[Internet photo]

Raising my teacup in tribute to Meryl Streep for another movie well done.  What an amazing and talented actress!


  1. I love that teacup scene photo! So glad you and Lori could enjoy this movie together.

  2. what was the pattern of the tea set


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