Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shopping in Hartland and Milford, MI

As promised, today's post reveals my purchases from Tyme Well Spent Tea Room, plus two other shops I visited last Thursday.  

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you know I collect J.L. Hudson's Department Store memorabilia that pertains to the Mezzanine Tea Room, and 13th floor Dining Rooms, as well as what ladies would have worn when they dined there. 

Imagine my delight when I found two ladies' hats from Hudson's in excellent condition, and Nancy [the owner] said they were half off!   I wish these hats could talk and reveal the places they were worn, and who owned them before me.

Aren't they lovely?

I'll be able to display the hats at a fundraiser tea at the former home of J.L. Hudson on Feb. 17th. Details forthcoming in tomorrow's post.

Not far from Hartland is Milford where a women's clothing store is located that I've heard a lot about. We decided to go there when we left the tea room. We detoured on the way, however, when I spotted a consignment shop that my girlfriend said was really nice. Our Blessings, pictured in the Internet photo below, truly is the nicest consignment shop I've ever been in - very upscale, and no junk.

It was definitely a day for being delighted by items that would come home with me!  I found two pillows [that look new] in blue French toile to match the wallpaper in my new living room makeover for just $12.95 and $9.95.

And here they are in their new home!  Our Blessings is located at 340 W. Summit Street.  If you're ever in Milford it's definitely worth a stop.

I also purchased a multicolored gold scarf to go with a shawl I already had. 

Then it was on to The Clothing Cove at 414 N. Main Street.

The upscale shop sells women's new garments and accessories.  I had nothing in Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year [Marsala] until I went in there.  I don't wear a hat every time I go to tea, but I was looking for one to wear to Meadow Brook Hall's Downton Days Tea on Feb. 17th, and one called my name at Clothing Cove - probably because it was on sale!  ;-)

Can't you see Lady Mary and/or Lady Edith Crawley wearing this?  It's a 1920's style, made to wear in 2015!

I bought a flower to match in good faith that I'd find a dress to pin it on.  A woman's got to be prepared, you know!  ;-)

I also bought this black velvet hat that can be squished without any damage.

Last but not least, I tried on a gorgeous dress in Clothing Cove that resembled a vintage tea gown, but it was pricey and with alteration fees and tax, it was out of my price range.

When I returned home, I went online to Victorian Trading Company's website, and found the identical dress on sale for more than half off.  They describe it as a smoked raspberry colored 'Juliet Dress'.  The rest of the story is... I ordered it!  It was a very good day!


  1. I'd say it WAS a very good day! I love the hats your found - the Hudson's ones especially because of their background, but the other two are really cute, too. And the tea dress on sale - way to go! You'll be right in style on Downton Days. :-)

  2. PS. I love those pillows, too. Got distracted by all the hats...but can't overlook the blue and white!

  3. A very good shopping day and I love the two new hats you'll be wearing.

  4. What great finds! The hats will be perfect for your program!

  5. Love your hats - every one of them! The pillows are awesome too. Lucky finds!

  6. Oh, I love these hats! My mind is whirling just imagining the women at J.L. Hudson's trying on and purchasing their millinery! And I love the new burgundy hat you bought (yes, very "Downton Abbey"), and since that dress was on sale in the Victorian Papers catalog, well, it was meant to be, I think!


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