Friday, January 9, 2015

Living Room Renovation Sneak Peek

The man came today to install the Graber plantation shutters, so I decided it's time for a living room renovation blog update.  A blue toile valance will go above the shutters to coordinate with the wallpaper.   I'm lovin' the shutters!

Not sure of the exact furniture placement yet until the three wall units are built.  Hubby has all the materials, but his shop is in the garage and with Michigan's frigid temperatures it's too cold to work in there even with a heater.

Blue toile wallpaper on the entryway wall.

Love the wainscoting my hubby added to the lower half of the wall.

Column and shortened wall with decorative wood trim.

The wall below is where the three wall units will go. The middle unit will enclose the piano. Since the project isn't finished, I haven't unpacked accessories or hung anything on the walls.  Those will be the finishing touches. 

Below is a drawing of the wall units. They'll be painted white, and I can hardly wait to fill them with beautiful blue and white tea things!

The next living room post will be when the room is completely finished. Hopefully that's not too far away.


  1. This is very pretty, and will be fabulous when the project is complete!

  2. It is looking good! I'm sure you are ready to get it all done, but the cold weather is a hindrance. I love all the blue and white.

  3. Love your new shutters and the toile wallpaper! I am looking forward to see the end result! You are going to have so much fun filling the shelfs with your beautiful collections!

  4. It's already looking beautiful, and I can't wait to see more! That new wainscoting is so elegant looking! Love the shutters too.


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