Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ringtons Tea Arrives in the United States

I first heard of Ringtons Tea Company when I received a chest of their teas for a Christmas present in 2008.  

Ringtons was established in Newcastle, England in 1907, and the family who gifted me with the chest of tea are from England, presently living in Michigan.  

Ringtons has been the subject of three of my posts since I began blogging.  I have three pieces of blue and white china from them that I'm anxiously waiting to display in my living room when the wall units are completed.

Imagine my delight when I recently read in the World Tea e-Newsletter, that Ringtons tea is now available in the United States.  North Atlantic Imports in Grand Rapids, MI is the exclusive Eastern US distributor, and  Finest English Tea will service the West Coast.   

Ringtons said in their press release: "We are proud to introduce 12 exceptional teas to the American market..."

Welcome to Michigan and the United States, Ringtons!  We're glad to have you on this side of the pond!


  1. I've never tried this tea, but it sounds rich in history. The pottery is lovely!

  2. I remember those lovely blue and white pieces from earlier posts, how nice that Ringon's Tea will now be available in the USA. With the distributor in your area, that's even better!

  3. Now I will look forward to (hopefully) finding some of their tea here on this side of the pond! And how funny that once again, Michigan seems to be at the center of the tea world here in the U.S.!

  4. I am an American Georgdie and thrilled to have Ringtons here.


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