Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Extended Christmas Get-Together

My girlfriend and I were unable to get together before Christmas, but it finally worked out for us to connect last Friday, Jan. 9th, to exchange Christmas presents, and go to tea at Sweet Shalom in Sylvania, Ohio.  

Below are the gifts she gave me.  A fun t-shirt that says "My Sunday Nights are spent at Downton".

A book about Catherine B. Wendell, an Anglo-American who married the 6th Earl of Carnarvon, Lord Porchester ["Porchey"] in 1922, and the 'real' Downton Abbey [Highclere Castle].  I can hardly wait to read the book from cover to cover.

A tin of Harney & Sons newest tea - 'Celebration Tea,' and a package of tea biscuits to go with it. Celebration Tea was introduced for the 2014 Christmas holidays, and is a limited edition.  Its intent was to help capture the magic of the season.  The tea was inspired by founder, John Harney, and was one of the last things he did before his passing in June 2014. His signature is on the tin - a definite keepsake.  

It's a blend of black tea containing pieces of apricot, hazelnut, cinnamon and cornflowers.  

The smell is very aromatic, and the taste is deliciously pleasing.  I'm sipping a cup as I write this post.

Tomorrow's post will be a continuation about our Downton Abbey tea at Sweet Shalom.


  1. Sweet Shalom - what a wonderful name for a tearoom! Can't wait to read about it. Sometimes it is fun to stretch the season out. Your friend found some gifts that are perfect for you.

  2. Great gifts for a Downton Abbey fan!

  3. Wonderful gifts! Wonderful friend!
    Love the t-shirt!
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. What a great T-shirt! And I'd love to read your review of the book once you've finished it!

  5. It's even more fun when the holiday celebrations extend into the new year! What special and thoughtful gifts.


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