Friday, January 16, 2015

A Tea Themed Ice Sculpture

Michigan's temperatures have been frigid, but they were perfect for Plymouth's 33rd Annual Ice Festival last weekend [Jan. 9-11].  

I didn't attend the festival this year, but I enjoyed seeing a tea themed ice sculpture on TranquiliTea tea shop's Facebook page. If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll remember that I've blogged about them a few times. They were also featured in the September/October 2014 issue of Tea Time magazine. They're located at 904 W. Ann Arbor Trail in downtown Plymouth, and are definitely worth a visit whenever you're in the area. 

~ Colleen Cannon, Owner ~

~ Photos courtesy of TranquiliTea's Facebook page ~

Have you ever seen a teapot and teacup ice sculpture?  This was a first for me, and it's beautiful!


  1. This sculpture is very elegant, right down to the pedestal the teapot is sitting on. We have ice sculptures at a festival north of us and although all are unique, I've never seen a tea themed one.

  2. What a beautiful ice sculpture! I have never seen one like this but it is gorgeous. I hope they won a prize!

  3. Beautiful. I wish it had been on displayed when I was at the shop a couple weeks ago.

  4. A tea-themed ice sculpture? Leave it to you to find out about this for us! (If they could duplicate that in crystal, I'd want one!)


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