Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving Day Parade is a long-standing tradition in Detroit.  The only older parade is Philadelphia's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which began in 1920. 

Santa's official arrival at J.L. Hudson's 12th floor "Toyland" created such a fanfare of activity that it swelled into the first Hudson-sponsored Thanksgiving Day parade down Woodward Avenue in 1924.

[Internet Photos]

Old Mother Goose was the first float in that parade, pulled by a horse.  The float is still in use today except now it's self-propelled.

The parade took a two year hiatus in 1941-42 due to WWII shortage of materials, but it was back in 1943.  

Hudson's turned over the sponsorship of the parade to the Detroit Renaissance Group in 1979, but remained a major contributor until 1982.

My hubby was a participant in the 1963 parade with the Redford High School Marching Band.  

June Lockart was one of the parade celebrities in 1964, and I read that a parade worker became annoyed with her when she demanded a cup of hot tea in the midst of the bustling parade preparations.  The worker should have known that tea time trumps all activities!  ;-)

The parade is now called America's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and is sponsored by Art Van Furniture.  I'll be catching televised glimpses of the parade in between dinner preparations today!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

"There is one day that is ours.  Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American."
~ O. Henry ~


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a very happy day of counting your blessings.

  2. Just found you on Beth's blog - I'm a Michigan blogger too! Now following and look forward to reading more :-)

  3. Enjoyed reading about the history of this parade!


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