Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cranbrook's Holiday Tables, Conclusion

Table #13 "Scottish Dreams"
Tapestry Room

Table #14 "After Apple Picking"
Oak Room

This table was the Auxiliary's way of saying "So long dear friend" to 39 years of Holiday Tables and saying "Hello" to future endeavors.

Table #15 "The Illuminating Science of Metals and Minerals" 
by the Cranbrook Institute of Science
Oak Room

Table #16 "The Night Before Christmas"
Oak Room

Paintings of George and Ellen Booth

Table #17 "Penguins Dancing at the Pole"
Oak Room

~ Lady who designed table #17 ~

Table #18 "Festival of Lights"
Oak Room

Below is a section of the gift shop that was located on the sun porch.

I hope you enjoyed viewing Cranbrook's Holiday Tables Finale.


  1. Each one more beautiful than the one before it. Don't think I could pick one. I did have to chuckle at Santa's Christmas Table. We did something similar once to "fool" our kids. We left "sooty" footprints on the floor in front of fireplace, next to empty cookie plate.

  2. I feel like clapping after seeing all these great tables with so many, many special touches! (Love the rug with Santa's footprints.) And I hope you'll forgive me for all the comment catch-up today ... but now that Thanksgiving is over, I have time to catch up! :)


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