Monday, November 24, 2014

Cranbrook's Holiday Tables, Part II

Today's post begins where last Friday's left off at Cranbrook's 39th Annual Holiday Tables.

Table #7  "All Aglow for the Holiday"
Sunset Room

Table #8 "We Give Thanks"
Living Room

Table #9 "A 1940's White Christmas"
Living Room

The lady who set this table did it as a tribute to her mother, using her mother's china, crystal, and flatware.  She gave the history of the tablescape items [when and how they were received, and how they were passed down to her].

The mansion has many beautiful fireplaces.

~ Side Table ~

Table #10 "On Gleaming Wings"
Set by the Herb Society of America, Southern Michigan Unit.
 Living Room [Sun Porch is through the French Doors]

The beautiful floral arrangement was in a silver punch bowl.

~ A side desk ~

#11 "Tea Under the Historic Lights of Cranbrook"
Mr. Booth's Original Office

The table told the brief history of the lighting created by the Edward F. Caldwell Co. for the Booth home.

Below is the entrance to Dining Room where the formal Buffet Tea was served on Thursday, November 20th. The other two days of the event, tablescape #12 "A Charming Holiday Dinner at Cranbrook House" was set in the Dining Room with silver, china, and other items from the Booth family collection.  I enjoyed the tea, but hated to miss seeing the tablescape. I'm sure it was beautiful.

 "Tea Mom" in the photo below.  I chose Harney & Sons Earl Grey.

~ My Plate ~

To prevent visual overload, I'll post the last six tablescapes tomorrow.

* * *

Today I'm joining Antiques and Teacups for Tuesday Cuppa Tea


  1. More beautiful tablescapes. I will go back and look at them in more detail on my computer monitor (larger screen) but those cranberry hobnail glasses really jumped out at me! I look forward to the final photos tomorrow. It makes me sad that this is the finale year for this event but hopefully sometgHing equally lovely will take its place.

  2. How gorgeous! Love all the wonderful touches and sparkles!

  3. Once again, from the epicenter of the US tea room experience! So gad you could enjoy this, keep the stories coming!

  4. More nice tables and ideas to use ourselves!

  5. Everyone should go to at least one huge tea party during the holiday season. Yours looks like so much fun!

  6. I love seeing the woman who created her table using her mother's things. All of these are just gorgeous. It's obvious a LOT of thought and care went into this production!


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