Friday, February 22, 2013

Tea Chest Collection

I collect most everything associated with tea, so today I'm sharing my four tea chests.  Do any of you collect tea chests?

The first one I purchased was in 2002, while I was a member of a tea society.  The president ordered a few from QVC, and made them available to members, and I got one.   The wooden Wissotzky tea chest contained 80 assorted tea bags.

QVC still sells Wissotzky teas on their website, or they can be ordered directly from Wissotzky.  My chest is practically empty now except for some fruit and herbal tisanes.  While I wouldn't recommend hanging onto teas/tisanes for 11 years, I opened a lemon herbal packet today and found it still very good! 

Their website states: "Wissotzky tea company stands at the forefront of the Israeli tea industry and is the leader in promoting the culture of tea in Israel."   The bottom of the chest is stamped Kosher for Passover and all year around.  Their address is Wissotzky House, Tel Aviv, Israel.

The second tea chest I acquired was at the 2003 Take Me to Tea Expo [now called World Tea Expo].   My girlfriend, who owned a tea room at the time, was looking for a tea chest and spotted a lovely one at a vendor's booth.  [If I remember correctly, it was Bigelow Teas.]  The sales rep. told her to come back at the end of the expo when he'd be packing up, and she could get the chest then.  To our surprise, he not only gave the chest to her, but gifted me with one as well!

Originally, it had sections for tea bags, but when I was doing a presentation for a hotel, I wanted a table-side display box for loose-leaf teas, so my hubby modified it for me to accommodate ten small glass jars with cork lids.

The third tea chest I acquired came from Burlington Coat Factory, of all places!  It's really a novelty chest "just for looks," because it probably wouldn't hold up to everyday use.   I purchased it in 2003 [the sales receipt was still inside the chest].

The last tea chest has already been featured on my blog with other Ringtons items.  The Ringtons chest was a Christmas present in 2008, with several of their teas.

Ringtons is located in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England.  Presently the sections are filled with small tins and spice jars of loose-leaf tea.


  1. A unique collection of tea chests. I have one with a glass top that was a gift filled with tea bags and I store jewelry in it now. I've seen some nice ones that are presented at upscale restaurants when choosing my tea. I like honey in my tea and I find the majority of places can accommodate this request. Most interesting to see what it comes in sometimes.

  2. What a fun collection of tea chests, Phyllis! I especially like how your husband modified that great chest you got at the tea expo. That is perfect for your presentations!

  3. What a lovely tea chest collection. I especially like the one acquired at Take me to Tea. Very nice! Nope, I don't collect, but love admiring.

  4. I used to have one, which a bequested to a friend when I moved. The are both lovely and practical.

  5. I have the same Wissotzky tea chest. My daughter-in-law gave it to me for Christmas some years ago. She said she ordered it through QVC. Thats the only tea chest I have. You have a wonderful collection!

  6. I don't have any tea chests but I enjoyed seeing yours!


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