Friday, February 15, 2013

More Tea Towels - Old and New

On November 27th, I wrote a post about the history of tea towels and shared my collection.  [The post can be viewed here.]  I recently acquired a few more to share with you.

The first three are vintage, hand embroidered, muslin tea towels.  They don't look like they've ever been used.  I found them earlier this week at a local antique mall for $4.50 each.  I thought they were a bargain price, considering I don't do embroidery.


The next two groups of towels are new from T.J. Maxx [but perhaps they can be found at Home Goods and Marshalls too].

The tag says Easter Accents and they come in sets of two for $4.99.   They're so vibrant and springy!

These are sold individually for $5.99 each, with a tag that says Artistic Accents.

So pop on over to TJ Maxx today for yours!


  1. I am going to ATL tomorrow and will try my best to work in a stop at TJ Maxx! Love those cute towels, especially the one with the butterflies. Your embroidered ones were a great find, too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love your assortment of colorful tea towels! The embroidered ones are my favorite, so sweet!

  3. Very pretty tea towels. You have quite a collection.

  4. I'll have to check the stores out soon! Love the antique tea towels you found! Thanks for sharing.

  5. No TJMax here but Target is coming this spring! What I'd really like to see in Ontario is Cracker Barrel.
    You hit the jackpot for tea related linens; love all the butterflies with the pouring teapot.

  6. I love the embroidered teapot and teacup teatowels!!

  7. You know, if you and I ever get to shop a T.J. Maxx together, I am convinced we will walk out with the exact same items! (And that's NOT a bad thing!)


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