Thursday, February 21, 2013

Post Birthday Gifts

Don't you love receiving gift cards from your favorite stores?  My girlfriend gave me a Home Goods gift card, so I had fun roaming around the store recently looking at items to get with my card.   From the looks of the merchandise I selected [pictured below], I must have been feeling very British!  ;-)  You probably recognize the mug, because it appeared in a post earlier this week.  The tin of tea contains 40 bags of premium English Breakfast tea.  I love the large copper teapot cookie cutter, which is different from my other ones, and I'm anxious to make a batch of sugar cookies using it.

I received two Barnes & Noble gift cards and knew exactly what I wanted.  I mentioned  Pippa Middleton's book, Celebrate, in a previous post before I actually had it.

What fun I've had reading through it, and in spite of some uncomplimentary reviews on Amazon, I like the book a lot.   It's not surprising that there's a chapter on Afternoon Tea, which includes a section of Afternoon Tea Crafts using brown card stock tags and homemade vintage-looking bunting.  I will definitely be making the bunting for one of my tea parties.  It's festive and so quaint.

Pippa talks about mixing English Breakfast tea with Lapsang Souchong for a more subtle flavor, and I'm anxious to try her suggestion.  The book is full of color photographs, illustrations and recipes - including Nutella Madeleines, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Toad-in-the-Hole with Onion Gravy, and Shepherd's Pie Baked Potatoes.  Don't those sound yummy?

All four seasons are covered in the book: Autumn [Halloween, Sunday Lunches, Cozy Supper Parties];  Winter [Christmas, New Year's Eve, Robert Burns Night]; Spring [Valentine's Day, Special Breakfasts, Easter, Afternoon Tea]; and Summer [Children's Parties, Barbecues, Picnics, Camping].

If you like celebrations, you will like this book.

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  1. You bought yourself some nice tea gifts Phyllis, and yes I like gift cards too. Your review of Pippa's book is refreshing, I still have a Chapters (our big book store) gift card so may check it out myself.
    I'm looking forward to seeing cookies made with your new cutter.

  2. OK, I must confess I am coveting that teapot cookie cutter! HomeGoods, here I come! And yes, I'd say you were in a very British frame of mind when shopping--not a bad place to be. Thanks for the review of Pippa's book -- I've got that on my wish list as well, and I frankly think some people are just so eager to bash her she could have been the reincarnation of Jane Austen and they'd try to feel superior by criticizing her. (Can you tell I'm a Pippa fan?) Enjoy your new goodies!

  3. What a great new collection of treasures! Will have to add Pippa's book to my wish list!

  4. I am so glad you joined in Tea Cup Tuesday today! Yay!
    Your goodie are fab....the red tea mug and tray are wonderful!
    Love that cookie cutter! Wow! I would enjoy those cookies very much!
    Great book as well. Gift cards can be so fun! You have nice friends!

  5. Oh, I am going to Home Goods the next chance I get. (Well, it's 2 hours away so chances don't come every day!) What fun goodies you found, ESPECIALLY the cookie cutter. The book looks delightful, too, and I may have to put it on my "wish" list.

  6. What a successful shop you had! I love birthday presents that keep on giving! I got the tea in Canada a few months ago. Haven't seen the book, but will put it on the list. Thanks so much for linking to Thursday Tea Things And Talk!

  7. Oh.....great fun stuff! You choose wisely!

  8. Phyllis:
    BYA - I turned 64 yesterday -can hardly believe I am this "old".

  9. Happy Birthday, Phyllis! You got some wonderful 'stuff.' That looks like a lovely book and the cookie cutter is so cute. Thanks for sharing.


  10. What treats you were given. I would love a bookstore gift certificate. That book would be on my temptation list. A friend recently gave me a bunch of Lapsang Souchong and I was thinking of cutting it with something else too. Great idea. I have some English Breakfast that would be perfect with it.


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