Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Year Older!

Curiosity about what time I entered the world, and how much I weighed sent me to the basement searching for the tote containing the baby book my mother gave me many years ago.   10:25 a.m. was my time of birth, and  7 lbs. 7 1/4 oz. was my weight - quite a bundle for my petite 4 ft. 10 inches tall mother!

I was born before hospitals took photos of newborns, so this was the first picture in the book taken when I was five weeks old.

Who would've thought I'd grow up to be such a tea lover?  ;-)

Every year I remind myself of the humorous ditty, "Birthdays are a good thing - the more you have the longer you live," and I feel very blessed that God has granted me another birthday to celebrate.

My hubby gathered the family together at Olive Garden on Sunday to celebrate.  There were 15 of us, with two grandchildren who couldn't attend.  Below is my sweet daughter, Lori, and my youngest granddaughter, Ellie, who is seven months old.  My family [and friends] are the best birthday presents I could ask for!

My mother celebrated with us.

My daughter-in-law, Samantha, is at the end of the table, followed by grandchildren, Isabella [age 7], Brooke [age 10] and Landon [age 4].

Lori made Boston Cream Pie.  Next to Lori, are her two daughters, Marissa and Tiffany, and Tiffany's boyfriend, John.  Jeremy, my youngest son, is at the end of the table.  Hubby took photos of the rest of the family on his tracfone, but hasn't  figured out how to E-mail them to me yet.

I received lots of beautiful cards from family and friends,

and four were tea-themed.

My dear, tea loving girlfriend, Lori, gave me a beautiful teapot necklace.  On the back is engraved "Women are like teabags; you never know how strong they are until they're put in hot water."  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I added to my red transferware collection with money I received.   The platter and gravy boat are Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles pattern [from Home Goods].  Two cups and saucers in the same pattern are on their way from E-bay.

My collection is growing... I already had one miniature covered tureen, but I got another one.

I received two Barnes & Noble gift cards, so I'll be getting Pippa Middleton's book pictured below, and "Below Stairs" by Margaret Powell.

And who doesn't enjoy being surprised with a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers from a special family? 

I am so blessed with a loving family and wonderful caring friends!   It's been a wonderful birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday! What a lovely family gathering for your celebration. To me, that's the best part of all. Love the four generations picture - what a blessing to be all together. And of course I am admiring your gifts. Your red transferware collection is growing nicely and is beautiful. Pretty to use for Valentine's Day, too! Enjoy your day and all your blessings, may you have a year full of them.

  2. Oh, thanks for letting us share in your birthday celebration, and Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Phyllis! (Did I tell you before that today is my sister's birthday too?)

  3. Congratulations to you, Phyllis! The love of your family shines through.

  4. Happy birthday to you! What a wonderful celebration you had with your lovely family. A Great start on your red transferware, too!

  5. Dear Phyllis,
    Happy Birthday and many more. What could be better than to have your family around you and a few new tea things to boot? Good for you!
    Wishing you many more!
    xo Ruthie

  6. Happy belated birthday! I enjoy reading your blog very much. I check everyday for a new post. ) I will follow you as soon as I learn how) best wishes Melissa Kelly.

  7. Happy belated Birthday! It looks like it was very special. Being surrounded by family and remembered by friends is the very best part of celebrating a birthday.


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