Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chelsea Milling Company - Home of "JIFFY" Mixes

Last week, my hubby and I went to Chelsea, Michigan to visit our youngest son and his family. Also located in Chelsea is the Chelsea Milling Company - Home of "Jiffy" mixes, so I scheduled a free 1:00 p.m. tour of the facility with my daughter-in-law, Samantha.

Hubby stayed home to babysit seven month old, Ellie, and four year old, Landon, since children have to be in the first grade or above to go on the tour. 

Our cheery tour guide said she's been with the company 27 years.  She had conducted a school tour that morning, but Samantha and I were the only two scheduled for the 1:00 o'clock tour.  They require advance reservations, and tours are Mon.-Fri., from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We were given a sample of Jiffy Fudge Brownies while we watched an eight minute educational video.   From there we went through the packaging plant.  Jiffy prints their own packaging, but that plant is located in Marshall, Michigan.  The tour is supposed to be an hour long, but because there were only two of us it only took about a half hour.  No photography was allowed inside the plant, but our guide took our picture just before we exited the plant.

We were given a complimentary gift bag containing a Jiffy Fudge Brownie mix and a sixty-six page Jiffy recipe book.

Parking lot outside the plant.

It was interesting to learn that the family owned company has been milling flour at the same location since the early 1800's - over 120 years!  Stored wheat is milled into over one-half million pounds of flour each day, used exclusively for their prepared mixes.

Mabel Holmes, grandmother of the company's current president, developed and introduced the first prepared baking mix product, "Jiffy" Baking Mix in the spring of 1930.  Now there are 19 "Jiffy" mixes on the market, shipped to all 50 states as well as some foreign countries through the U.S. Military.

My daughter-in-law had a Susan Branch calendar attached to her fridge, so I had to get a picture of February's illustration and poem. [Click to enlarge.] What a cute Valentine poem! By the way, a friend wrote to tell me after my Valentine post that S.W.A.K. [sealed with a kiss] has been replaced by MWAH - which represents the sound of a kiss.   So now I'm up to speed with lover's present-day vernacular! ;-)

But I digress.  Back to Jiffy.  I must confess that prior to the tour I had only tried a couple "Jiffy" mixes.  On our drive back home I read through the recipe book and decided to stop at the grocery store to purchase some mixes [their tour was successful marketing! ;-)].

The next day I made their recipe for "Jiffy" quiche, with a couple of modifications - I used chopped broccoli instead of spinach, and a small package of cubed Hormel ham in place of crumbled bacon.  And next time I will use a 10-inch pie dish instead of a 9-inch.

I loved the way the pie crust mix rolled out, and it tasted great too.  I'll definitely be purchasing that again!

The directions said to place in a 400 degree oven and bake for 35-40 minutes, but I found it took about 50 minutes for the center to firm/set.   I will place a ring of aluminum foil around the edge of the crust to prevent over-browning next time too.  But my hubby gave it a good review and a perfect pairing with tea.   Do you use "Jiffy" mixes?

For some great Jiffy recipes go to their website at www.jiffymix.com.

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  1. Thanks so much for this information and tour! I have a favorite recipe using Jiffy for a Cornbread/Corn Pudding recipe. I often make it for pot-luck meals.

  2. Jiffy definitely brings back memories of my childhood.

  3. I haven't used a Jiffy mix in a while but my mom always used their cornbread mix! The tour does sound like fun - and I love that Susan Branch illustration, thanks for sharing it. What fun to spend time with your daughter and her family.

  4. I enjoyed hearing about your Jiffy tour. I use Jiffy cornbread mix quite often. It's good, and so easy. Have a wonderful week!
    xo Beth

  5. How interesting and made in Michigan, too! My Mom always used the Jiffy mix when she made pie crust, so I naturally did the same. I've tried many times making pie crust from scratch, but always went back to the mix. I like the cornbread mix, too. I haven't tryed the browie mix. Next time I go to the grocery store I'm going to pay more attention to Jiffy mix! Very cute teapot and mug!
    Happy tea day to you!

  6. When in the US, I always seek out the Jiffy mixes, especially the cornbread. I don't think I've ever seen a mix for it in Canada. Nice little goody bag you got at the end of the tour.
    That's a cute poem from the calendar.

  7. What an interesting tour that must have been. I love doing tour when traveling. The only Jiffy mix I have used is their corn bread, which was quite good.

  8. How fun! I have used Jiffy's cornbread mix for years -- makes terrific broccoli-cheese muffins, Jalapeno muffins, etc., but I did not know about their other mixes. Am especially intrigued by the pie crust one. Yes, this was successful marketing indeed, because now you've no doubt inspired plenty of us to go out and buy more Jiffy mixes!


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