Friday, February 8, 2013

New-To-Me Treasures

I received notification about an estate sale near my house, so I decided to go since there were several teacups in the sale.  I narrowed my choices down to two, and ended up with one in the photo below at the bargain price of $6.00.

It's a Rosina teacup in the Wild Flowers pattern.  Isn't it pretty?

In 2003, when I visited Magnolia & Ivy's tea room in Sandestin, Florida [during Southern Lady's "Weekend of Tea and Roses"], they served their soup in vintage ramekins with underplates - the perfect size for teatime, and so elegant and dainty.  I had never seen vintage ramekins until then, and thought they were beautiful.   I began searching for them and almost a year later I found my first one in the boutique at Tea by Three tea room.  [I wasn't into E-bay back then!]

Vintage ramekins usually aren't oven proof.  They date from the mid 1800's thru the 1950's, and can be used to serve foods such as soup/bouillon, custard, etc.   One website defined them as small china bowls accompanied by underplates, used for serving a food prepared with egg or cheese.

There was a time when I couldn't pass up a ramekin with an underplate in an antique store, but since I've acquired several, I try to resist now unless I find one bargain priced, like the one in the photo below for $7.00.  It was definitely a bargain, and a beauty.

It is hand-painted Berlin porcelain with a gold rim, and has an underglaze back stamp of  KPM .  
I recently learned there are ramekin forks to accompany ramekins.  I don't have any yet, but I'm keeping an eye open for them.

Below is a hand-painted tea caddy that I found in an antique store.   I thought it was so unique that I had to purchase it.  

Lastly, I wanted to share these votive candle holders that I purchased at Dollar Tree, which I will repurpose for individual containers for Devonshire cream and  jam  to accompany scones at tea time.  They will go perfectly with my vintage clear glass Petals dishes [by Federal glass]. The dishes resemble stars and are beautiful in a starry tablescape. 


  1. Great finds, all of them! I was especially interested to see the ramekins, since I actually have some of those but didn't know what they were. When I was 7-8 years old, my grandfather gave me a child's teaset, which included 6 of these small bowls in a different pattern from the teacups, teapot, etc. I always thought they were children's dishes, now I know what they really are! I have 6 ramekins and 3 matching underplates.

  2. Phyllis, The ramekin is so beautiful! I've never seen any ramekins other than the "modern" little white ones that I bake my molten lava cake in (and more than occasionally, feed my cat or dog in!) Love the Rosina cup - so feminine and as you might guess, I love florals.

  3. Hello Phyllis
    I had no idea there were antique ramekins, not conducive to todays cooking as you pointed out but they can serve for many other purposes.
    Your new teacup and tea caddy are sweet - the temptation at sales and antique stores makes me stay home for the most part. :-)

  4. You do find the best treasures. Very pretty!

  5. Dear Phyllis,
    I want to tell you that your package arrived Saturday evening. Thank you so much! What wonderful things you sent and I appreciate them very much. The pin is even more striking in person. All arrived safely.
    Love your new teacup!
    Xo Ruthie

  6. What fun finds! The teacup is lovely (it makes me want to garden!), and the ramekin was definitely a steal! I hardly ever see vintage ramekins at all (I own zero of them), and the last one I saw had a huge chip and was still $25! It gives me hope to hear that you have found a few over the years. That's a great find on the tea canister, too, and I love your idea for using the votive candleholders at teatime. I learn so much from you, my friend!


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