Sunday, February 12, 2012

Never Let a Computer Know...

Some time ago, when I was still working as a church secretary, a dear friend and office volunteer gave me a sign to hang over my work computer that read:  "Never Let A Computer Know When You Are In A Hurry!"  I've thought about that sign many times this week while anxiously awaiting word on the status of my inoperable computer. 

The awaited call came this afternoon.  A new C-drive had to be installed, and the files and photos were retrieved.  I did a happy dance - accompanied by a prayer of thanksgiving!  My computer with new installations will be returned on Tuesday at the latest, but possibly even tomorrow. 

I look forward to writing blog posts again real soon! 


  1. Sometimes when computers are very bad, they are very very bad. Good to hear they were able to retrieve your files.

  2. Congratulations! So good to have it back!

  3. Oh, you ARE blessed! My laptop died last year and nothing (including some pictures I hadn't saved, sigh) could be retrieved!


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