Monday, July 5, 2021

4th of July Celebration

We spent the 4th of July with our son, Steve, daughter-in-law, Sharon, and granddaughter, Brooke.  Sharon's parents were there as well.  It was a very enjoyable day.

Sharon grilled chicken and hot dogs with a pasta salad.  My contribution was a watermelon/ blueberry salad with Feta cheese and balsamic blueberry vinaigrette, and corn on the cobb.

When we finished eating we watched "The Patriot" [starring Mel Gibson] on Netflix - a very appropriate movie for the 4th of July.  Even though the movie came out in 2000, it was my first time to watch it.  It definitely wasn't a movie filled with warm, fuzzy feelings. While 'loosely' based on several real life historical figures, it makes one realize the high cost that was paid for our freedom and independence. 

As always, I was a shutterbug.  Steve was sorting his baseball cards when we first arrived.

Sharon relaxing while watching the movie.  Tonight night is the first night of Vacation Bible School at church [which she oversees] so yesterday was her last day of  relaxation for awhile.

Brooke following her after dinner nap [the movie didn't interest her].

I hope you had an enjoyable 4th.  We are now past the half-way point of 2021!  

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  1. Your salad looks amazing! I'm glad you could spend this time with your family.


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