Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Treasures from LaBelle Antiques

On August 18th and 31st I blogged about two teacups I recently purchased at LaBelle Antiques - a black teacup and one with gold leaves that I thought would be perfect for fall - but there were other treasures that came home with me too which I'm sharing today. 

A black and gold Hall teapot with matching cream and sugar.  It goes perfect with the black teacup.

I'm not purposely trying to collect teapot trivets, but I seem to be coming across reasonably priced ones lately, and I just can't pass them up.  The hand-painted beauty below was only $7.

And this chintz one was $12

Backstamp on chintz teapot trivet.

And last, but not least, a pitcher made by Hall potteries for the Jewel Tea Company in the Autumn Leaf pattern.  I have the teapot and a trio, but I passed up a sugar and creamer in the same pattern at an antique mall earlier in the summer for which I've kicked myself ever since!  E-bay had a teapot trivet in the pattern last week, but I was over-bid. Hopefully I'll see it elsewhere sometime. The pattern is so perfect for fall.  The pitcher was only $12.

Now do tell what treasures you've found lately.


  1. Hmm, don't guess I've found any real tea treasures lately, but you certainly did! And that chintz tea trivet was a major score!

  2. I love Hall and those are great pieces. I have a few trivets, and dearly love them. Your chintz one is wonderful!

  3. I love the shape of that Hall teapot, and the black set with gold trim is really striking. Your trivets are lovely, and that Autumn Leaf pitcher is a great find at a great price. I haven't really done much shopping this summer but got a nice surprise when a new friend gave me a pink Depression glass cup and saucer. :-)

  4. Such lovely treasures you found! I found a few too on our recent trip! A Royal Albert teapot at an antique mall and a set of turkey dishes made in England at a Marshalls. See you for tea saturday!
    Hugs, nancy

  5. I have this Jewel Tea pitcher and what I call The Dream of Jeanie teapot. My son actually wants the teapot, so I gave it to him. It belonged to his grandmother and is to heavy when full for me to easily use.


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