Monday, September 26, 2016

Staybridge Suites - Day #2 MI Tea Tour

After our fabulous Afternoon Tea at the Royal Park Hotel, we went back to our reserved rooms at Staybridge Suites.  

At 7:30 p.m. we all congregated in Linda P.'s and Joanie's room for a fun game and time of fellowship. There are 42 teacups in the picture below, and we were given five minutes to find them. Linda had five prizes for the ladies who found the most teacups.  

~ Everyone intently searching for teacups. ~

Tea wasn't the entire focus of our Michigan Tea Tour - I brought Vernor's pop and Better Maid potato chips for the ladies to enjoy too.  Both are Michigan-made products.   Vernors is a ginger flavored soft drink created in 1866 by James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist.  It's the oldest surviving ginger ale brand in the United States.  Despite the name, a Boston Cooler is a Detroit original - it's Vernors with vanilla ice cream floating in it, and it's SO good.  We enjoyed ours without ice cream, however.

Better Made Potato Chips Inc. was founded in Detroit in 1930.

[Photo courtesy of Linda J.]

You wouldn't have thought we'd be hungry after our wonderful Afternoon Tea, but we managed to eat two pizzas with our potato chips and pop.

[Lori and Nancy]

We retired to our rooms for a good night's rest because after breakfast on Friday we were to be in the hotel lobby at 11:00 a.m. with our luggage ready to depart for Saginaw, MI.

Below are three  ladies in our group - Judith, Lori, and Gloria - ready and waiting for departure. 

~ Inside group picture of the tour participants ~
[L-R:  1st row Teresa, Joanie, Me, Linda P. and Barb
2nd row Gloria, Lori, Judith, Linda J. and Nancy]

Below is the 15-passenger, Mercedes Hightop Sprinter Van that transported us to Saginaw and then on to Mackinaw City.  With just over 900 miles on the odometer, it ran perfectly the entire trip [except for the television].

Here we are ready to leave Staybridge Suites.  My hubby [far right and the only guy in the photo] was our willing and capable driver.

After a short prayer asking for God's protection on the highway, we were off for the Japanese Cultural Center in Saginaw, MI where the Tea House and Gardens are located.

[Photo courtesy of Linda J. Missing from the photo are Linda J., Nancy and Me]

Japanese Cultural Center, Tea House and Tea Ceremony next post...


  1. Oh Phyllis, I've scrolled through your post about the tea tour and I'm so delighted (and a little envious!!) to read about all the fun you ladies had. What thoughtful planning went into this fun event. I must tell you that my Dad grew up in St. Clair Shores, but moved to PA, and then Ohio, and Vernor's was always his favorite pop!
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous tea tour with us.

  2. What fun to all ride together, with a wonderful driver! I'm going to enlarge that picture later to see how many teacups I can find. That's a fun activity for a group. And I have friends here down South who love Vernor's ginger ale, too.

  3. Since tea shops and houses are not really I my radar, it's been fun to see another side of Michigan. Look forward to seeing your up north tea experience!

  4. The experience sounds so nice♥

  5. Great casual evening... Vernor's, chips, and pizza! What fun!

  6. We were such a happy looking group in every photo! Thanks again to our chauffeur of the Releavant Tea Tour. ;-)

  7. I love all your pictures, Phyllis! What a great idea to bring the Michigan made Verners and chips! Your van sure looks comfortable!

  8. What a wonderful adventure and even with pop and potato chips too. I wonder what tea you would pair them with? Ha!

  9. Its nice to see you by Jerry in the photo. LOL
    Sips and Smiles,


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