Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Computer is Down

Good Morning Friends, 
I woke up bright and early this morning with every intention of writing my next post about the Michigan Tea Tour, but to my dismay I couldn't get Internet access on my computer. I'm typing this note of explanation on my hubby's laptop, but all my photos are on my computer, so the laptop will do me no good for posting.

I have a call in to our repairman, but until he fixes it there'll be no more posts.  I don't know his schedule, so I can't make any prediction about when I'll be up and running again.

So sorry!  In the meantime be sure to read the posts of the other bloggers who went on the tea tour: Friendship TeaRosemary's Sampler and Lavender Cottage.



  1. Oh no!!!!

    Hope you get it straightened out soon. Hang in there.

    Anxiously awaiting your next share of the awesome tea gathering. I would so loved to have been with you wonderful tea ladies!

    Have a good - hopefully not too frustrating- day!!!!

  2. We don't realize how dependent we have become on these computers until they stop functioning! Sorry to hear!

  3. So frustrating! Hope everything will be working again soon.

  4. How disappointing, hope you get fixed up soon Phyllis.


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