Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lakeside, Ohio Part II

After an 8:00 a.m. breakfast at The Patio restaurant we headed out on foot [a short distance] to the antique show which opened at 9:30 a.m.

[Internet Photo]

I spotted the car pictured below in a hotel parking lot on the way to breakfast and couldn't resist taking a picture.  What a quaint place for a honeymoon get-away.

The antique show is located in three large buildings as well as many outdoor booths.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day in the 80's with low humidity.  It stormed that night, however.

The five of us split up to see the antiques at our own pace and met in front of the building pictured above at 12:30 p.m.  We had covered all the vendors so we went back to the cottage for lunch [Subway sandwiches], and our "show and tell" time. In the photo below Linda is showing her beautiful lace place mats.

My purchases were a Beatrix Potter Jemima Puddleduck figurine by Royal Albert for $15

She makes the third Beatrix Potter figurine I've acquired, joining Tabitha Twitchett and Tom Kitten.  

I also purchased two teapot trivets.  The hand-painted trivet below was $6.75

The porcelain trivet was backstamped Bavaria, and was marked down from $14 to $3.  It has no chips, cracks or crazing so how could I pass it up??  I saw other trivets in Lakeside shops that were much higher priced so I was pleased with my bargains.

My last purchase was a tea towel with a handmade teapot applique for $2.25.  There's something for everyone at the antique show, and none of us went home empty-handed.

Later we drove to historic Mon Ami winery near Port Clinton for their famous Saturday seafood buffet.  When we arrived the place was packed and we were told the wait was up to two hours, but we were called sooner. They serve over 1,000 people at their Saturday buffets. The entrance to the large restaurant is pictured below.

[Internet Photo]

Mon Ami is one of the oldest wineries in the Lake Erie region.  Founded in 1872 by the Catawba Island Wine Company, it was sold in 1937 to the Mon Ami Champagne Company. It has changed ownership three times since, but has retained its name.

Below is an Internet photo of the dining room where we ate.  It was much too crowded for me to take a photo of my own.

Menus [pictured below] are provided for those who don't want the buffet. The seafood buffet consisted of everything you can imagine, with crab legs being the most popular, in addition to mussels, scallops, boiled shrimp and several kinds of fish, as well as prime rib.

My plate pictured below - I stuck with boiled shrimp [much easier to eat than crab legs], pan seared scallops, fried perch nuggets, and a slice of prime rib.  It was delicious.  I don't know when I've eaten so much food over a two-day period!

Then it was back to the cottage for the night.  We left for home late Sunday morning, but while the gals took one last look in two of the shops, I roamed around outside for a few last photos. I wish I could have taken a photo of every cottage to share because they were all so quaint, but I doubt you'd want to look at 300 photos!  ;-)

~ Entrance to the Lake Erie beach area ~

These adorable cottages are not cheap.  A cottage across the street from where we stayed was for sale.  It needed lots of work, yet the asking price was $200,000.00.  Yikes!

I snapped this photo from inside the car as we were departing.  The windshield was tinted so the color is a little skewed.

Main gate as we were departing.  Cheerio, Lakeside Chautauqua until next year - good Lord willing.  It was a wonderful outing.  Hope you've enjoyed coming along with me vicariously.


  1. I love your purchases and oh, the food looks fabulous. I'm hungry now and it's still an hour until I get off work! :-)
    So glad you had this fun trip. I'd love to visit this place some day.

  2. hee hee hee hee I just got back today from where I grew up - Catawba Cliffs - I grew up right there very close to where you visited. In fact if you ever go up again look up The Jamestown Tavern - my little sister owns that pub and it is right in front of the ferry in Marblehead that takes folks to Kelley's Island! : - )

    My older sister's wedding reception (many years ago) was held at Mon Ami restaurant. I was so thrilled to see you visited there. Was it your first time? PLEASE let me know if you ever go up again - I would be happy to meet you there - or perhaps you could come out to the Cliffs and see where I grew up = paradise!

    Hugs! ♥

  3. Looks like you ladies really had a fun trip! That's a great price you paid for Jemima Puddleduck! The lowest I have ever paid for a BP figurine is $1 for Cousin Ribby at Goodwill. I couldn't believe my luck! The next lowest is $2 for Tom Kitten. Wish I could find more of those super-bargains! I've gotten spoiled now and when I see them for $40 plus, I just can't do it.


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